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Harry Wooff

Recruitment Consultant

Let's welcome Harry, a determined Life Science and Biostatistics Recruiter at Focus on LifeScience. With 6 years of recruitment experience in this field, Harry is well-versed in the intricacies of this specialized area.

Harry's recruitment journey spans 6 years, during which he's been deeply involved in relevant industries, such as SAP and Workday. His extensive experience in these areas has sharpened his skills and honed his ability to understand the unique demands of these sectors.

His primary focus is on Biostatistics within Europe, with a particular emphasis on both the European and U.S. markets. His specialization in this niche skill set equips him to provide targeted and effective recruitment solutions for clients and candidates.

He's driven by the profound impact a recruiter can have on individuals' lives and career paths. He's committed to fostering enduring relationships and empowering those he collaborates with to reach their career aspirations. Whether you're a professional seeking the right opportunity or a company in search of top talent, Harry is here to prioritize your success.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with Harry today. Reach out to him to initiate a conversation about how he can assist you with your Life Science and Biostatistics recruitment needs. 

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