Focus on WD are the global specialist Workday® recruitment agency. We recruit in both Contract and Permanent recruitment markets and offer our services to Workday® Consulting Partners and End-User Workday® customers. Candidate or Client, we have what you need below - Take a look!

Who Are We?

Focus on WD is whole heartedly dedicated to the Workday® ecosystem.

Our expertise in the Workday® ecosystem is the cornerstone of our identity. This expertise sets us apart, making us the foremost experts in our domain. As the first brand to fully concentrate on the global scope of Workday®, it laid the foundation for the unique expertise and commitment that define our group today.

We proudly champion the Workday® platform and remain deeply committed to our clients and values.

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For our Clients

Permanent Workday® Recruitment Solutions

Within the realm of Workday®, permanent hiring transcends being a routine task; it stands as a pivotal and business-defining decision. We grasp the significance of candidates not only possessing the right skills but also seamlessly fitting into your company's culture. This is why we invest considerable effort in truly understanding our clients, ensuring that when we introduce a candidate, they are a perfect match. With our extensive history and close collaboration with top-tier Workday® professionals throughout their careers, we are excellently poised to swiftly connect you with the essential hires needed to anchor your projects and construct a prosperous future for your organization.

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Hiring as and when you need it. Our standard recruitment offering, allowing you total flexibility. 

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Project-based Recruitment offering - perfect for those who are building a team and want clarity on timing and cost.

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Account Management

We become an extension of your team; ideal for consultancies and larger partners looking for a continuous flow of staff.

Ready to discuss your Workday® requirements? Get in touch.

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Contracting in Workday®

Contract Recruitment Service Offerings

It’s often the case that hiring someone on a contract basis is urgent, and the requirement can often appear out of nowhere. We’re used to being agile and dealing with ambiguity, so you can feel completely at ease that our specialist consultants are switched-on and ready to provide you with talent at a moments notice.

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Standard Contract / FTE Recruitment

Our Contract Workday® talent pool offers a flexible solution to meet your project needs. We provide skilled professionals who possess the exact skills and experience you require, while taking care of necessary onboarding tasks. Our approach mitigates recruitment risks and optimizes project timelines, helping you achieve your business objectives.

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Project Based Contract Recruitment

Consider project-based recruitment solutions for your Workday® implementation project to access specialized expertise, control costs, avoid overstaffing, and mitigate risks. It provides the right talent on a temporary basis, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and agility to meet unique project requirements.

Get in touch to discuss your contract recruitment needs. We're happy to start a conversation and offer advice, guidance, and talent at any stage of your journey.

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Skilled in Workday?

Workday® Candidate Services

We pride ourselves on being able to present the best opportunities on the market to our candidate network, regardless of whether you’re looking to break into the world of Workday® or you’re an experienced individual looking for your next move. 

Candidates Seeking Permanent Roles

  • We understand that making a career move is a significant life decision, and our approach reflects this. We prioritize not only matching candidates with the right job but also with the right company culture and long-term career prospects. Our in-depth understanding of the Workday® ecosystem, combined with dedication to our core values, Connected, Creative, and Experts, ensures that we not only find jobs but also foster careers.
  • We believe in empowering candidates to make informed choices, providing them with the support and guidance needed to embark on a successful and fulfilling journey in their new roles. Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh talent, our permanent hiring solutions are designed to align your aspirations with the perfect job, helping you step into a new phase of your career with confidence and optimism.
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Candidates Seeking Contract & Freelance Roles

  • Are you in search of a contract/freelance Workday® role? The competitive and fast-paced nature of the Workday® contract market often leaves individuals uncertain about which opportunity aligns best with their skills and career objectives.
  • Our mission is to simplify your quest for the ideal contract/freelance role. We provide absolute transparency on available opportunities, empowering you to make the most informed decisions. At Focus on WD, each of our consultants specializes in a particular niche, ensuring that you collaborate with an expert who comprehends your field and can provide invaluable guidance as you explore new roles.
  • Our commitment is to present the most exceptional opportunities in the market to our network of candidates, whether you are aspiring to enter the dynamic world of Workday® or are a seasoned professional seeking your next Workday® challenge.
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