At Focus Cloud Group, we understand that diversity is not just a goal; it's a fundamental strength that drives innovation and progress. We've taken concrete steps to ensure that our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion is not just a statement, but a lived reality within our organisation and the wider technology community. Explore our initiatives below to learn more about how FCG is turning commitment into action.



Our approach to fostering diversity and inclusion is multi-faceted, encompassing training, inclusive job descriptions, blind resume screening, and a proactive mindset. We're committed to making the technology landscape more inclusive, creating opportunities for everyone, and driving innovation through diversity.

  • DE&I Pledge: We've proudly signed the Partner Pledge as a Microsoft Partner, reaffirming our commitment to "Improve diversity of the UK technology workforce."

  • Training Programs: Our employees involved in the hiring process undergo comprehensive training programs, designed to boost their awareness and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. This includes in-depth unconscious bias training.

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Addressing DE&I Challenges

Video series: tackling DE&I challenges.
If we're focused on building innovative products, then innovation comes to ensuring that you've got good representation. If you want to have an ethical kind of like unbiased A.I. system, again, you need the people building it.
Suzi Russell-Gilford EY Global Microsoft Alliance Leader, Tax
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Diverse Hiring

Proactive Candidate Introduction: We work closely with our clients, understanding their technology and transformation roadmaps, as well as their diversity challenges and goals. With this knowledge, we proactively introduce relevant candidates when they become available, aligning with our clients' desires for us to do. 

  • Inclusive Job Descriptions: To ensure fairness and inclusivity, we craft all job descriptions using an inclusive language that not only avoids gender bias but actively embraces diversity. We utilize third-party tools where necessary to eliminate any restrictive language.

  • Blind Resume Screening: We've implemented a blind resume screening process, removing personal identifying information such as names, gender, and age. This approach allows us to focus solely on candidates' skills and qualifications, promoting fairness and equality.

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