Focus on WD: A quick turnaround for a Workday® End-User seeking an urgent contract solution

We returned fresh-faced and ready to go after the festivities and celebrations of a fantastic 2018, but we weren't idle for long.

We received an urgent request for a Workday® Functional Consultant on a contract basis, from a Workday® End-User in the UK. Following a quick turnaround, we successfully found the talent this organisation needed to meet their goals. We first received a call from our client on a Thursday afternoon, and the contractor was able to start working the Monday after, showing how a 3-day process isn't just possible, but probable.

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Contractor Required
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Day End-to-End Hiring Process

The Challenge

Our client needed a Workday® Functional Consultant. They had been concentrating heavily on the Payroll side of the Workday® platform, so their Core HCM had been neglected and needed urgent attention.

The Solution

The Focus on WD team managed to qualify, interview and shortlist two candidates almost immediately, with several others ready and prepared for the following day. The two candidates that had been shortlisted were sent across, and client interviews were arranged out of hours for the very next day.

The two candidates were both suitable and able to perform the role, however one of them was a solutions option and so was used as a reserve in case the first Workday® candidate couldn’t perform the role.

The first candidate was initially interview prepped by Focus on WD, and then interviewed by the client.

The Result

The interview was a success and both the candidate and client were happy with the process. Subsequently, the client issued an offer 30 minutes after the interview, and had sent out the contract paperwork one hour later.

The contractor, surprised with the incredible speed of the process, was delighted to learn of the successful interview, and even more so that they would start the following Monday. From the start of the recruitment process to the start of the contract was 3 days – including the weekend.

Both candidate and client were incredibly happy with the result.

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