Achieving Remuneration Harmony for a Workday® Professional and Client

In a collaborative effort, Focus on WD's Workday® Recruitment Specialists successfully orchestrated a harmonious match between a UK-based Workday® professional and a client, surmounting a remuneration challenge and securing a mutually beneficial placement.

Amidst the quest for an ideal career move, a UK-based Workday® professional encountered a significant remuneration hurdle when presented with an offer from one of Focus on WD's clients. Despite facing a financial gap in the proposed compensation, the candidate, guided by the nuanced insights provided by the specialists, astutely recognized the exceptional career opportunities aligning with their professional goals and the core values of the organization. The ultimate outcome was a triumph—a successful placement, with the candidate now flourishing in their role.

Client in Search of a Workday® Consultant
Workday® Professional Aiming to Boost Their Career
Offers on the Table

The Challenge

The candidate, exploring their next career step, received an offer from one of Focus on WD's clients. However, the offer was £5,000 less than their expected base salary, creating a financial gap that needed resolution. Complicating matters, the candidate had competing offers from different organisations, each with its unique remuneration structure.

The challenge extended beyond remuneration; it involved striking a balance between the candidate's financial expectations and the unique opportunities the client's role presented. The Workday® Recruitment Specialists recognised the need to align the candidate's aspirations, values, and growth potential with the client's culture and work environment.

The Solution

The Workday® Recruitment Specialists, intimately familiar with the client's organisation and having a close working relationship with the candidate, conducted detailed consultations. These sessions went beyond monetary considerations, delving into the candidate's career goals, the scale of the program, skill set expansion, and the client's investment in Workday® Financials. 

Recognising the significant value beyond the monetary aspect, the specialists and the candidate thoroughly discussed the broader benefits of the role. This included the opportunity for skill growth, the organisational commitment to Workday® Financials, and the promising career progression within the client's environment. Through these discussions, the candidate concluded that accepting a slightly lower base salary was a strategic move aligned with their values and future aspirations.

The Result

The candidate, guided by the insights and expertise of the Workday® Recruitment Specialists, accepted the offer from the client, emphasising the alignment of values and career opportunities. At the time of writing, the candidate is happily placed in the role, thriving in an environment that not only meets their financial expectations, but also provides significant growth and advancement prospects.

The solution resulted in a win-win situation for both the candidate and the client. The candidate found an ideal professional home, and the client secured a dedicated and motivated team member aligned with their organisational culture.

This case exemplifies the expertise of Focus on WD in not only navigating the technical aspects of Workday® recruitment, but also in understanding the intricate balance required to ensure both candidates and clients find lasting satisfaction in their professional partnerships.

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