Permanent Solutions for a Workday® Customer

In mid-2018, Focus on WD partnered with a Nordic company amidst the chaos of a faltering Workday® Financials implementation, swiftly identifying critical needs and providing a permanent solution within a remarkable 3-month turnaround.

The company's Workday® Financials project faced disarray due to a lack of leadership and a slow adoption process by internal

Workday® Project
Permanent Workday® Hire Needed
Month End-to-End Hiring Process

The Challenge

The Workday® Financials project faced a myriad of challenges, primarily stemming from a leadership void that left the implementation in disarray. The absence of a decisive project leader hindered progress, creating a vacuum of direction and accountability. Internal stakeholders, crucial for the project's success, exhibited a noticeable reluctance to embrace the new Workday® system, further complicating the situation.

The result was a project teetering on the brink of significant delays and potential failure, with vital decisions left unmade and a growing sense of frustration among the project team. It was evident that immediate intervention was essential to prevent the project from descending into a prolonged state of uncertainty and inefficiency. The urgency lay not only in the technical aspects of the Workday® Financials implementation but also in reshaping the project's organizational dynamics and instilling a renewed sense of purpose among its stakeholders.

The Solution

Focus on WD collaborated with the client to pinpoint specific needs, emphasising the necessity of a Financials Project Manager/Business Analyst. Despite the scarcity of expertise in the Nordic region, Focus on WD's persistent efforts, and established network, resulted in the timely recruitment of a qualified professional. The new hire played a pivotal role in evaluating the system and driving internal stakeholder adoption.

The Result

Within an impressive 3-month turnaround, encompassing the hire's notice period and role commencement, Focus on WD's intervention proved business-critical for the client. Swift action and market understanding prevented the project from continuing aimlessly, ultimately saving the company a substantial amount of money, and ensuring the successful revival of their Workday® Financials project.

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