Extreme Growth for an SAP Implementation Partner

In the midst of the global pandemic, Focus on SAP partnered with a leading global SAP implementation firm, accelerating their growth by over 70 employees in 2021 through strategic talent acquisition.

During the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, a prominent SAP implementation partner sought Focus on SAP's expertise to overcome their prolonged struggle in finding niche SAP and SuccessFactors skills. With ambitious growth plans for 2021, the client's success hinged on securing the right talent swiftly. Through a collaborative and transparent approach, Focus on SAP enabled the client to grow their SAP practice by more than 60 professionals within a 12-month period.

Leading SAP Implementation Firm
SAP Professionals Hired
Month Hiring Collaboration

The Challenge

The client faced a considerable challenge in their quest for specialised SAP and SuccessFactors skills, experiencing months of unsuccessful recruitment efforts. The scarcity of the right talent was impeding their business objectives, making it imperative to resolve this issue promptly. The pandemic added an extra layer of complexity to the hiring process, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly changing global SAP skills market.

The Solution

In the face of the colossal and time-sensitive project, Focus on SAP prioritised close communication and clarity. They collaborated with the client to define success parameters, identifying areas where quicker wins were possible by focusing on more readily available skills. A deep understanding of the dynamic SAP skills market allowed for efficient decision-making, providing the client with access to a global network for candidate identification and shortlisting. Transparent communication and trust formed the foundation of this successful partnership.

The Result

Throughout 2021, Focus on SAP played a pivotal role in helping the client grow their SAP practice by over 60 professionals, each possessing diverse SAP skills, within a 12-month timeframe. The transparent and efficient decision-making process ensured that no candidates were lost due to prolonged recruitment procedures, solidifying the success of this collaboration in the face of challenging external circumstances.

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