Supporting the Growth of a Salesforce Implementation Specialist

This case study showcases how Focus on Salesforce significantly contributed to the growth of a specialist Salesforce Consulting Partner, facilitating 6 key hires in just 7 months.

Salesforce Consulting Partner
Key Hires Made
Month Hiring Collaboration

The Challenge

The client, a Salesforce Consulting Partner, encountered a formidable challenge in locating specialised Salesforce skill sets essential for expanding their business and establishing practices in new regions. Despite a 3-month-long independent search, they faced difficulties securing high-quality candidates, impacting their growth trajectory. The specific skill sets, ranging from Business Analysts to Salesforce Solution Architects, proved elusive, necessitating expert assistance.

The Solution

Focus on Salesforce delved deep into understanding the client's business objectives, company culture, and the broader implications of delayed hires on global projects and customer relationships. After a comprehensive briefing, the recruitment team meticulously identified potential candidates, both within and outside the client's competitors. They not only presented a pool of qualified candidates but also provided insights on attracting and retaining them within the proposed timeline.

The Result

Over a span of 7 months, Focus on Salesforce successfully placed 6 key hires, with an additional 3 in the pipeline. These strategic hires played a pivotal role in the client's business growth, enabling the opening of new locations and expanding market share across Europe. The recruited roles, a mix of remote and on-site positions in regions like the Nordics and EMEA, facilitated the establishment of new practices. The impact on the client's business was monumental, dramatically increasing their capacity for new projects and solidifying their presence in the market.

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