Transforming Talent Acquisition: CloudThing's Journey with Cognitive Group

CloudThing (Now Kerv) a distinguished Microsoft Gold Partner, is dedicated to facilitating business transformations for a diverse clientele. Specialising in Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platform, and Azure technologies, their commitment to excellence garnered recognition as one of The Sunday Times' top 100 fastest-growing tech companies in the UK in October 2019.

Cognitive and Kerv (was cloudThing) enjoy a successful partnership spanning over 4 years. during this time, we have facilitated more than 70+ placements on both an interim and permanent basis.

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70 +

The Challenge

While CloudThing boasted a robust talent pool, their rapid success necessitated an aggressive hiring strategy to meet escalating customer demands. However, the company held its culture in high regard, making it a critical criterion for candidate selection, even if it sometimes meant sacrificing speed. Typically, the recruitment process spanned 3–6 months to identify the exceptionally talented, self-motivated individuals who could truly make a difference to CloudThing's customers.

The Outcome

With the invaluable assistance of Cognitive Group, CloudThing achieved a remarkable reduction in their hiring timeline, bringing it down to just 3-4 weeks in most cases. This transformation allowed them to align with their ambitious growth trajectory. Cognitive Group consistently supplied a pipeline of candidates that continued to expand, ultimately leading to the successful placement of five individuals within five months.


CloudThing's decision to partner with Cognitive Group was driven by market knowledge, expertise, and ability to offer realistic insights into the job market and salary expectations. Beyond expectations, Cognitive Group not only kept pace with CloudThing's demand but exceeded it.

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