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Joe Jordan

Senior Consultant

Meet Joe, a dedicated Senior Consultant at Cognitive - Focus On Microsoft, specialising in the CE (Customer Engagement) and Power Platform domains. With over five years of experience under his belt, Joe has used his expertise and made significant contributions to the tech recruitment landscape.

What sets Joe apart is his profound understanding of CE and Power Platform technologies, positioning him as a specialist in these key areas. His commitment to understanding your business requirements sets him apart in the industry. Joe's role transcends mere seat-filling; it's about aiding individuals in reaching their career aspirations. He takes pride in delivering a service that forges lasting relationships, empowering everyone he collaborates with to achieve their unique objectives.

In the realm of Microsoft, Joe's specialization revolves around CE and Power Platform, two vital components of the tech industry. These technologies are at the forefront of innovation, with vibrant and engaged communities. Joe's mission is to serve these communities comprehensively and connect them with valuable opportunities. Although his primary focus is in the UK, Joe extends his support to clients across Europe through his extensive consulting network.

A conscientious and values-driven professional, Joe understands the profound impact a skilled recruiter can have on individuals' lives. His ultimate aim is to become a highly recommended recruiter in the Microsoft sphere, and he is confident that he can achieve this with Cognitive.

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