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Jose Renato Dos Santos

Workday Recruitment Consultant

Meet Jose, a dedicated Workday Recruitment Specialist with a sharp focus on the North American Workday ecosystem at Focus on WD. With over 16 months of experience in the field of recruitment, Jose brings a fresh perspective and a strong commitment to delivering exceptional results.

He specialises in Workday, working closely with Workday partners, customers, and candidates to connect the most talented individuals with the best opportunities within the Workday market.

In his role as a Workday Recruitment Specialist at FCG/Cog/Brand, he serves as a valuable partner for individuals and organisations in the North American Workday ecosystem. His passionate about forging connections lead to successful outcomes for both candidates and employers.

Jose is not just a recruiter; he's a career advocate. He understands the profound impact that the right career move can have on individuals' lives and the strategic advantage it can offer to organisations. He is dedicated to prioritising your success in the Workday recruitment domain.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with Jose today. Reach out to him to initiate a conversation about how he can support your Workday recruitment needs, whether you're a professional seeking the right opportunity or a company looking for top talent in the North American Workday ecosystem. Jose is here to help you achieve your goals.

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