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Michael Evans

Assistant Vice President - North America

Get ready to succeed with Michael, a highly accomplished Assistant Vice President of Sales at Focus on WD, specialising in Workday® for North America, with a focus on Canada. With over 4 years of experience in the North American market, Michael has honed his skills to become a true leader in his field.

Michael's expertise lies in North America, particularly as the lead for Workday® in Canada. His reputation in the industry speaks for itself – he is widely recognised as the best at what he does in his region. Michael is known for his exceptional ability to deliver results that exceed expectations.

In his role as Assistant Vice President of Sales, Michael has demonstrated his proficiency in the North American market over the past four years. His dedication to understanding the unique needs of his clients has allowed him to foster enduring relationships and empower everyone he collaborates with to achieve their objectives.

Michael's mission is clear: to continue serving the North American market comprehensively and connect clients with valuable opportunities in the Workday® ecosystem. While his primary focus is in Canada, his extensive network and expertise allow him to provide support to clients across North America.

Michael is a conscientious and values-driven individual who understands the profound impact a skilled recruiter can have on individuals' lives. His ultimate aim is to be the most recommended recruiter in his field, and he is confident that he can achieve this with Cognitive.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with Michael today. Reach out to him to initiate a conversation about how he can support your Workday® recruitment needs in North America, whether you're a professional seeking the right opportunity or a company in pursuit of top talent. 

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