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Mike Mortlock

Vice President of Sales - North America

Allow us to introduce you to Mike, a dedicated Vice President of Sales and Workday Specialist at Focus on WD with 11 years of broad experience in the IT recruitment field, with the last 5 years exclusively dedicated to Workday within North America.

What sets Mike apart in the IT ecosystem is his deep expertise and alliance-building prowess within the Workday realm. Mike leads a team with a strong focus on Workday across all of North America.

Over the past 5 years, Mike has played a pivotal role in supporting a majority of Workday partners in building their practices. He offers invaluable insights and introductions to Workday customers in need of specialised assistance. His strong relationship with the Customer Success team at Workday has made him one of the preferred staffing partners for customers encountering challenges in finding specific skill sets. 

Mike's knowledge of the Workday ecosystem is second to none. He can provide essential insights into skill costs, availability, trends in specific modular areas, and innovative solutions to fulfill any customer's requirements. 

Mike and his team have cultivated an extensive network of Workday Professionals throughout the USA and Canada. Their commitment is entirely dedicated to ensuring the continued success and growth of the Workday ecosystem.

Connecting with Mike is an opportunity not to be missed. Reach out to him to initiate a dialogue about how he can support your Workday recruitment needs, whether you're a professional seeking the right opportunity or a company in pursuit of top talent. 

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