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Rosie Gilbert

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Meet Rosie, a passionate Senior Recruitment Consultant at Cognitive - Focus on Microsoft with extensive experience in the field since 2018, accumulating over 5 years of expertise. Rosie's career has been characterised by a passion for helping individuals and organizations find their perfect fit.

What sets Rosie apart is her commitment to delivering top-tier recruitment solutions. Her consultative approach, honed over years in the industry, enables her to deeply understand the unique needs and goals of her clients. Rosie's role goes beyond mere placement; it's about empowering individuals to reach their career aspirations and fostering lasting relationships with all she collaborates with.

Rosie's proficiency extends to various sectors, ensuring that she can provide tailored solutions for a diverse clientele. Her mission is clear: to be a trusted partner, connecting individuals and organizations with valuable opportunities that align with their objectives.

While her primary focus is in the field of recruitment, Rosie's influence extends to supporting clients not only locally but also across a broader European landscape. Her conscientious and values-driven approach ensures that she understands the significant impact a dedicated recruiter can have on people's lives.

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