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Ryan Thompson

Head Of Marketing

Ryan is an accomplished marketing professional who currently holds the position of Head of Marketing at Focus Cloud Group, a position earned as he has developed and grown with the business over the last 7 years.  With a presence in both London and Brighton, Ryan oversees the marketing endeavors for an impressive portfolio of brands for the Focus Cloud Group, including Focus on WD, Focus on SAP, Focus on Salesforce, Focus on ServiceNow, Focus on LifeScience, and Focus on Security, Focus on DF. 

In this influential role, Ryan is responsible for a wide range of critical tasks. He is deeply committed to the continuous development and maintenance of the Focus Cloud Group brand, both in the online and offline realms. 

One of Ryan's key objectives is to cultivate and lead a proficient marketing team, with a primary focus on delivering digital content across multiple platforms. He recognises the pivotal role this team plays in the success of the brands and is dedicated to nurturing their growth and expertise.

Moreover, Ryan is highly proficient in marketing automation strategies, which enable him to streamline and enhance marketing efforts. His comprehensive skill set encompasses various facets of marketing, including marketing automation, email marketing, B2B marketing, content marketing, corporate branding, corporate events, proposition development, digital marketing, marketing operations, and marketing strategy.

With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to achieving results, Ryan is dedicated to furthering the success of Focus Cloud Group's marketing initiatives and the brands under his guidance. His leadership and expertise continue to have a profound and positive impact on the marketing landscape.

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