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Sean Gorman

Client Director & Capability Lead

Meet Sean, our Client Director & Capability Lead for Microsoft Technologies at Cognitive Group - Focus on Microsoft.

In addition to focusing on key account relationships for some of our largest clients, Sean leverages his impressive 16 years of experience in the recruiting space to support our internal team. His role encompasses streamlining onboarding processes for new team members, ensuring smooth induction, and ultimately enhancing productivity. For seasoned team members, Sean offers guidance on tackling novel and unique challenges, be they related to personnel, clients, market dynamics, or conflict resolution. In today's dynamic world, being prepared for anything is the key to success.

With a deep well of experience spanning 16 years, Sean possesses an intimate knowledge of the market. He's adept at connecting you with exciting opportunities in the Microsoft technology sector and can assist you in finding top talent for Azure, D365, Data, M365, or Power Platform roles. Moreover, Sean provides valuable insights and potential solutions to address any business challenge linked to the Microsoft domain.

When it comes to recruiting, Sean can assist with a wide range of roles, including but not limited to:

- Business Change

- Project Manager

- Business Intelligence Specialist

- Test Management

- Solution Architect

- Tech Consultant

- Business Analyst

- CRM/ERP Trainers

- Infrastructure/Integration Architects

If you're seeking to excel in the Microsoft technology space or require support in finding the right talent, Sean's wealth of experience and comprehensive understanding of the industry make him an invaluable partner. Reach out to him today, and let him guide you to success.

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