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Sean Ryan

Business Development Director

Meet Sean, our Director of Business Development at Focus on WD. With over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, Sean's expertise and specialization lie in Workday, making him a key player in this sector.

With a remarkable 10-year career in recruitment, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His journey in the industry has honed his skills and made him a trusted expert.

Sean is highly specialized in Workday, an area that demands precision and in-depth understanding. His dedication to this field has made him an invaluable resource for businesses and professionals looking to navigate the Workday ecosystem.

Sean's expertise spans globally, covering a wide breadth of countries and geographies. His insight and reach extend beyond borders, making him a reliable partner for recruitment needs worldwide.

Sean understands the profound impact a recruiter can have on individuals' careers and an organization's success. His ultimate aim is to foster lasting relationships and provide support that empowers individuals to reach their career objectives.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with Sean today. Reach out to him to start a conversation about how he can assist with your recruitment requirements, whether you're a professional seeking the right opportunity or a company in search of top talent. Sean is here to prioritize your success, and his wealth of knowledge and expertise are entirely at your service.

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