Getting SAP Certified: Is It Worth It?

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There is no denying that SAP is one of the largest ERP systems in the world; they have over ...

There is no denying that SAP is one of the largest ERP systems in the world; they have over 107,415 employees worldwide, and more than 404,000 companies in 180 countries are using the platform. 

So, tell me – are you certified? 

Among the 150 plus SAP certifications available, which one would be most beneficial to you as a SAP professional? Is it worth spending the time and money on them? 

Let’s look at some of the main advantages of attaining a SAP certification: 

  • Global Recognition: Among the most popular technology certifications, SAP certifications are recognized worldwide. Your SAP skills are validated on the global market when you attain a SAP certification.
  • Improves SAP Skills: In order to obtain a SAP certification, one must pass the SAP certification exam, which requires sufficient SAP skills and training. Thus, you’ll improve your SAP skills during the process. 
  • Diverse SAP Modules: Organisation processes are handled by different SAP modules. There are SAP modules suited to different job profiles that users can become certified for. For example, SAP HCM certification is available for HR professionals, SAP FICO certification is available for finance professionals, SAP SD certification is available for sales professionals. 
  • Improves Job Performance: Organisations can manage their data base and work processes from a unified system by adopting SAP solutions. As a result, SAP certification improves the performance of an employee in order to achieve the organisation’s goals. 

We’ve gained an insider’s perspective by asking some of our consultants who work closely with SAP professionals, and the companies hiring them. 

SAP certifications are available in all areas, so it goes without saying that getting certified in your speciality is your best bet. S/4HANA certification has become increasingly popular among people seeking certification in a core modular area as well. 

As with any certification, gaining one (or more, if you chose too) can potentially increase your salary/rate. Not necessarily directly, but you will become more desirable to companies should you have a certification, meaning they would be more inclined to spend more on getting the best talent. 

Having an associate certification can make you more desirable to companies in a SuccessFactors capacity, indicating that you can handle provisioning, customising, and configuration in their particular specialism.  

Holding a professional certification requires candidates to have been involved in several end-to-end implementations that are verified by their clients. A certification of this type does give an individual gravitas, and typically the candidate can request a higher salary because they are in greater demand or have a better skill set.  

The application process is influenced by the client and their requests, but ultimately, holding a certification strengthens your application, cements your expertise in specific areas, allows you to conduct certain functions, and allows you to charge higher rates. Having a certification is sometimes a prerequisite for even being considered for certain positions. At face value, a SAP certification will improve your image, thereby improving your job prospects. 

You will certainly have to spend some money to become certified, but if you have one, you’ll be more attractive to clients. While there are companies out there that will assist you with studying, this isn’t guaranteed, so be prepared to make an independent investment in your training. 

Expert SAP consultants have both SAP experience and certifications, making them capable of expertly managing SAP systems. It is safe to say that gaining a SAP certification will certainly benefit you as a professional looking to establish your skills in SAP or excel in your SAP career.  

If you are a SAP professional looking for your next venture or would like advice on how to propel your SAP career, contact one of our recruitment specialists at Focus On SAP today to talk about potential opportunities for you! 

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