Salesforce 2022: The Year Ahead

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As always, it’s an exciting outlook for Salesforce over the next year. With the launch...

As always, it’s an exciting outlook for Salesforce over the next year. With the launch of the World Tour in NYC on March 8th, the vision has been outlined, and 2022 has started with a bang. With the journey to Dreamforce starting now, we’ve summarised the important points for you, and included an events guide, so you won’t miss a thing. The World Tour 2022 events will highlight the latest innovations for Salesforce and offer a chance to connect with the Trailblazer community.

Customer 360 in 2022

Salesforce are presenting the Customer 360 platform as the technology that can help their existing and potential customers keep up in the current age of digital acceleration in 2022. They group the selling features of the platform into 4 facets: Digital HQ, Connect in a Whole New Way, Go Net Zero and Get Together, Safely.


Salesforce completed the acquisition of Slack Technologies in July 2021, and it’s becoming one of the most used communication platforms in the world of work. Slack ticks their first two boxes; it offers a Digital HQ where customers and staff can communicate and engage on different levels, and channels, to break down silos in organisations.


Salesforce have maintained their four original core values (Trust, Customer Success, Innovation and Equality), but there’s a new addition for 2022: Sustainability. Salesforce announced in September 2021 that they have achieved Net Zero across the full value chain and 100% renewable energy in their operations. They are also striving to help their customers achieve Net Zero, having launched Sustainability Cloud 2.0. Organisations can use the platform to track and manage emissions and connect with their suppliers on Slack.

The company has also committed to the initiative. The World Economic Forum has developed the initiative, which aims to preserve, restore and plant 1 trillion trees by 2030 to support the fight against climate change. Salesforce has contributed technology to the digital platform that makes it all possible, UpLink, and aims to plant, conserve or restore 100 million trees in the next decade.

Their third sustainability goal is to invest, inspire and energise in ‘ecopreneurs' - professionals tackling sustainability issues with the mindset and processes adopted by entrepreneurs. They’ve created a Salesforce+ series titled ‘The Ecopreneurs’, which debuted in January 2022.

Get Together, Safely

Salesforce launched Safety Cloud in February 2022 as part of the Customer 360 platform. It’s advertised as a tool to help businesses manage health and safety protocols, including COVID-19 testing and vaccination statuses. As the world returns to work, it’ll be interesting to see how technology can be utilised to support working communities. In the same vein, Salesforce have announced they’re committed to supporting a return to work, reopening 84 of their offices globally, and releasing their face-to-face events calendar for the year. Find out what’s coming up below, including official and community events.

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Salesforce Events Calendar 2022

March 30th 

World Tour Paris

March 31st- April 1st

DevOps Dreamin', Chicago

Community conference for Salesforce Developers and Architects

April 7th 

World Tour Sydney

April 12th 

World Tour DC

April 23rd-26th 

TrailblazerDX Bootcamp, San Francisco

Learning, certification and networking event.

April 27th-28th 

TrailblazerDX, San Francisco

Salesforce Developer event. Learn how to build apps and configure integrations with the Customer 360 Platform.

April 28th-30th

Texas Dreamin', Austin, Texas

Community conference

April 28th - 29th

Northeast Dreamin', Rhode Island 

Community conference

May 27th

Czech Dreamin', Prague

Community conference

May 28th

Albanian Dreamin', Tirana

Community conference

June 8th-9th 

Connections, Chicago

Salesforce Marketer event

June 10th

London's Calling, London

Community conference

June 16th 

World Tour London

June 20th-21st

Southeast Dreamin', Atlanta, Georgia

Community conference

June 23rd 

World Tour NYC

June 30th-July 1st

Dreamin' in Colour, Raleigh, North Carolina

Community conference, geared toward current or aspiring Black Salesforce professionals

July 13th-14th

Forcelandia, Portland, Oregon

Community conference for Salesforce Developers

July 20th-22nd

Midwest Dreamin', Minneapolis

Community conference

July 22nd-23rd

WITness Success, Minneapolis

Community conference, for Salesforce Women in Tech

August 4th-5th

Tahoe Dreamin', South Lake Tahoe, California

Community conference

September 20th-22nd 

Dreamforce, San Francisco

October 27th-28th

Florida Dreamin', Orlando, Florida

Community conference

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