The Art of Using Contractors in the Search For Your Permanent Salesforce Team

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In the fast-paced world of customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce reigns su...

In the fast-paced world of customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce reigns supreme as the go-to platform for businesses. 

However, finding permanent Salesforce professionals to propel your organisation forward can feel like an uphill battle. The demand for talent is as strong as ever. If you couple this with the reluctance of some job seekers to make career moves due to the recent tech layoffs, you could be left with a nail-biting challenge. The candidate shortage is better than it has been in recent years, but the skills gaps still exist, particularly when you’re in need of permanent staff. 

However, there’s a powerful solution that could save your Salesforce practice from becoming stagnant while you’re searching for your perfect candidate – the strategic use of contractors. 

We’re going to explore how leveraging contractors can bridge the hiring gap, keep your Salesforce practice thriving, and turn the tides in your favour.  

Harnessing the superpowers of contractors

So, you’re struggling to find your permanent Salesforce Practice Lead or Consultant? How many weeks has your hiring process taken already, and how many more do you think it’ll take at this pace? It might be time to adopt a more agile approach. 

Picture Salesforce contractors as your handy side-kicks on your hiring journey – they swoop in to save the day when your Salesforce practice is in dire need. These skilled professionals can fill the void temporarily, ensuring that while that seat sits empty, your Salesforce initiatives keep humming along and you start, or continue, to see the benefits of using the platform. You’ll be able to dedicate more of your attention to building your Salesforce dream team, with the peace of mind that things aren’t getting stagnant in the process. 

Fuelling your Salesforce success 

What makes contractors such valuable assets? Well, for starters, they bring a wealth of expertise. These individuals possess specialised skills and battle-tested experience, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into your existing team. They may have completed multiple end-to-end implementations across different sectors and industries. You can hire them much faster than permanent staff, and they’ll be able to hit the ground running, aligning themselves with your business goals and swiftly contributing to your projects. 

But you may also find that there’s a plot twist down the line. While their initial role may be a temporary void filler, they might decide to don the cap permanently. As they immerse themselves in your Salesforce practice, absorbing your company culture and realising the impact they can make, they might decide that they’re happy there and they’d like to stay.  

Mitigating Risks

If your contractor does decide to go perm, great. But what if they don’t? 

Don’t worry, all is not lost. While it’s true they’ll move on at the end of their contract, the beauty lies within what they’ve left behind. Your Salesforce practice will be standing strongand you won’t have a back-log of projects for your new hire to trudge through.  

The continuity they provide ensures that your initiatives have progressed steadily, fortifying your position and making you much more attractive to the permanent candidates you want to employ. 

Paving the way 

You can leverage the presence of a contractor to give you a competitive advantage, especially if you’re hiring for multiple Salesforce vacancies and trying to build your team. 

It may be harder to fill those senior positions, but in the meantime, getting a contractor to take the reins could make your life easier when hiring the rest of your team. The presence of the contractor will make you a more attractive prospect for more junior candidates, and once that team has been built, it’ll be a more attractive prospect for your more senior permanent Salesforce pros.  

Having a contractor on board in the interim will also give you the opportunity to assess their skills, work ethic, and cultural fit within your organisation. All of this is valuable information to you in terms of what you can look for in your new permanent hire. By observing your contractor’s interactions with existing team members, and other departments within your business, you can create your own customised blueprint for your ideal permanent candidate 

Let the contractors pave the way for your permanent success. 

Although it might seem like there’s no room for a contractor in your hiring budget, the financial repercussions of leaving an important Salesforce seat at your table empty for months could be far greater. With the strategic use of contractors in the interim, you could stop your Salesforce initiatives from stalling, build a team in less time, create a more attractive environment for the permanent candidates you’re looking for, and shape your idea of what your ideal candidate looks like. And that’s without the consideration that your contractor may end up becoming part of the furniture. 

Do you feel like you’re searching for a unicorn? Don’t panic. Focus on Salesforce are 100% dedicated to recruitment in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our extensive network of elite professionals, both permanent and contract, could be at your fingertips. We can help you find the permanent pro you’re searching for, and give you access to the contractors you need in the meantime. Get in touch today.  

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