Simon Tuite: A Tech Architect's Guide to Life Beyond the Keyboard

Simon  Tuite

By Simon Tuite

Joining Lloyd in this episode is a Workday Superstar - Simon Tuite. One of the best in the game. Someone who very often walks the tightrope of people and data in tech. How does he do it?

In this conversation we delve into it right from the beginning.  With anecdotes from his university days and tenure across different clients, Simon demonstrates that building relationships is as vital as troubleshooting technical hurdles. 

We discuss navigating the balance between career and personal life, particularly how you need to juggle the balance between being career driven, living your personal life without sacrifice. 

Reflecting on the pandemic, Lloyd offers insights on work-life equilibrium, stressing the importance of savoring life's moments. 

Further in the episode we explore professional growth, aligning team motivation with client expectations, and the necessity of disconnecting for genuine fulfilment. 

From gym routines to holiday breaks, we share insights on fostering professional relationships and achieving equilibrium in the fast-paced world of technology and wellness. 

Join us as we unravel the art of living well in today's high-speed domain.

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