Wendy Muirhead - Part 2: Change, Growth, and Empowerment

Wendy Muirhead

By Wendy Muirhead

Have you ever wondered about the transformative journey of a globally renowned organization? Meet our guest for the day, Wendy, a prodigal daughter of sorts, who narrates her intriguing passage from Ceridian to another ERP provider only to return with fascinating insights to share. Wendy takes us through Ceridian’s metamorphosis from its humble beginnings as Day Four Europe to one of the fastest-growing regions with a dynamic customer community. She shares anecdotes of remarkable people she's worked with and the awe-inspiring growth. 

We then shift gears and delve into a heartening discussion about mentoring the young and restless. Illustrating this with a touching personal story of mentoring a remarkable woman, Kashmita, the dialogue centers around creating that right mix of security and confidence for our future leaders. We underscore the importance of failure as a steppingstone and the role of mentors in shaping careers. In addition, we discuss the need for a strategic perspective while adopting new HCM technology. Wrapping up with a focus on Dayforce HCM and AI, Wendy highlights the multiple benefits it offers including scalability, innovative onboarding features, and intelligent nudges for scheduling. Don't miss this enlightening conversation about organizational growth, women empowerment, and human capital management

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