Wendy Muirhead's Journey to modernizing, and championing Payroll through Dayforce

Wendy Muirhead

By Wendy Muirhead

Highlighting Wendy Muirhead, the Managing Director from Ceridian of EMEA, we dive headfirst into the ever-evolving world of Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms, focusing on Dayforce® - one of the industry's rising stars. With Wendy as our guide, we explore how Dayforce is enabling organizations of all sizes to deliver fantastic employee experiences, from recruitment and onboarding through to payroll and on-demand net pay. We also touch on the groundbreaking Dayforce Wallet feature, which is revolutionizing the way team members advertise, collect shifts, and get paid instantly.

We follow Wendy's fascinating journey from working in finance to a career change into tele sales at Ceridian, and how she came to understand the intricacies of payroll. We delve into the crucial role Dayforce is playing in championing the payroll industry, particularly in the trying times of the pandemic, and how technology platforms have been instrumental in ensuring smooth payroll operations amidst the crisis. Wendy's insights into the reactive nature of the payroll industry and its importance in keeping people paid are particularly enlightening.

If you are thinking about a new HCM or Finance product, take 30 minutes, have a listen and maybe, Ceridian Dayforce could be what you are looking for!  

  • 0:05 Dayforce Wallet and Ceridian Community
  • 8:46 The Journey and Importance of Payroll
  • 19:34 Financial Recklessness, Debt, and Tech Advancements
  • 26:55 Investing in Technology for Career Growth

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