5 Reasons to use a Recruitment Consultant as a Workday® Contractor

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“Why would it benefit me to use a recruiter when finding my next contract?” ...

“Why would it benefit me to use a recruiter when finding my next contract?” 

This is a question that I get asked a lot, and I imagine many contractors ask themselves when they’re coming to the end of a contract. This is a very valid question. I'll take a moment to highlight a few key reasons working with a Recruitment Consultant will benefit you as a Workday® Freelancer/Contractor.   

Here are 5 reasons that could help you decide whether you'd like to use a recruiter: 

Greater Exposure to Different Roles 

Believe it or not, not all vacancies are listed on job boards and company websites. Sometimes companies work exclusively with recruiters to find their ideal candidate. So working with a recruiter can lead you to roles you never knew were out there. Who wouldn’t want to be one of the first to know about a great role?! 

More Visibility of Market Changes 

Workday® is a very small world – we know that – but who’s to say that you know all the goings on within the ecosystem? Recruiters work very closely with different clients and can get an idea of what is happening all over the ecosystem. We often find out about things that are going on under the surface that very few people will have knowledge of.  You can tap into every ounce of knowledge a recruiter has when looking for that next role.

Access to a Recruiters Network of Contacts 

Not only do recruiters work with a wide range of clients, they also have a wide network of people they have either worked with before or even helped previously in finding a role. This could be great news for you. Previous candidates could well be looking for someone that matches your skills. They know and trust the recruiter, so you would be best placed if they were seeking someone to join their new organisation.

Positive Representation and Coaching – CV/Networking/Social/Personal Branding/ Exposure 

When people think of recruiters they just think of someone that finds you a job – but believe me - they are much more than that! Yes, they can help you find your ideal next contract but they can also guide you along the way. Remember, recruiters know what their clients are looking for, not only skills wise but what kind of character they want in the position they are recruiting for. Recruiters can coach you into becoming the perfect candidate for the job. Our candidates can vouch for us on this one, this is something we achieve regularly at Focus on WD.

A Recruiter Will Always Be Looking on Your Behalf – Actively or Passively 

A recruiter’s job is never done! Not only will they help you find your next role when you are actively looking for a contract, but they will keep you in mind should anything become available that they believe would suit your skills. Keep close to your recruiter, be open and honest with them. The more they know about you and what you’re looking for, the more they can help you. If a recruiter calls you and asks what you are looking for in your next role – don’t automatically assume they have something there and then. Become part of their network and when a perfect role for you comes up, you will be the first to know. 

So there you have it, 5 top tips as to why a recruiter can help you in your search for your next contract.

For support in your next contract search, get in touch with me, Sean Ryan, or one of my colleagues at Focus on WD!

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