How To Answer That Age Old Question.... 

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I’m not talking about “what is the meaning of life?” but of course, we all...

I’m not talking about “what is the meaning of life?” but of course, we all know the answer is 42! I'm talking about the types of questions that everyone dreads in an interview: 

“Why are you the best person for this position?” or “why should we hire you?” or “why do you think you are the best person for this position?” 

I know, I know... even thinking about it fills me with fear! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tips on how to prepare for this inevitable question! 

There is one aim from the interviewer when they ask these types of questions, they want to ensure that they are hiring the best candidate for the position. Any new hire poses a risk to a company, they want to ensure you will be an asset instead! 

If you have been invited to interview for the role, then you should expect to be asked something like this. The best advice I can give you off the bat is PREPARE! Preparation is key, go through the job description and pick out the key points the company is asking for. Look at the role expectations and skills set, think how they align to your career goals. Make yourself a list listing the reasons why you fit the job and why you can deliver the results they expect, what skills you possess that are unique and why you will be an asset to their company.  

Things to consider: 

Be confident – Know what you are going to say, deliver it with the right words and think about your tone of voice. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so be careful. The last thing you want is to get to this point only to let yourself down by the wrong choice of words and come across as someone that the company would not want as part of their team. Also, be cautious of rambling! Try practicing your answers before the interview, keep focused. 

Highlight specific personality traits or relevant skills – believe it or not your personality plays a vital role in job performance, however not every personality trait is relevant to a job. So, consider which of your traits would help you stand out from the other interviewees but keep them relevant! Explain how these will help you to fulfil the responsibilities of the role. Your personality is unique. If it can contribute to your success in a role, make sure you mention the characteristics and skills you consider to be successful. 

Do you have any accomplishments that would be relevant to the role – if you have any accomplishments that you believe will help you stand out from the crowd and are applicable to the job role, make sure you let the interviewer know! If they are quantifiable, it is likely that a hiring manager would choose you instead of someone with less experience, as this eliminates risk.  

Go into the interview knowing what you will bring to the position AND the company – One word: research. Break down the job description to really get an understanding of what they are asking for, then think of ways that you can link your existing skills to the role. Also, thorough research into the company will go a long way. Don’t just focus on the areas that the job role entails, explore their culture, mission, projects - get a general feeling of the working environment.  

Honesty’s the best policy – don't feel like you need to exaggerate or lie about your achievements or abilities to make you look better. There could be a chance, if you were to be successful, where you are asked to replicate what you claimed you have done before and, inevitably, fail to deliver. Always be honest, the worst thing that can happen is that you don't get the job, but that's okay because you want to be confident in the knowledge that you can do what is required of you.  

Hopefully, you will now feel more confident when answering these types of questions. Just remember, don’t let it throw you, the hiring manager is trying to get the best person for the job. This answer could be the difference between you and another candidate! 

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