Not on the Market For a New Salesforce Role? Why You Should Talk to a Recruiter Anyway

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You’re in demand, and you’ve been made more than aware of it. As a Salesforce Professional, ...

You’re in demand, and you’ve been made more than aware of it. As a Salesforce Professional, your skills are needed, and Recruiters want you in their network. So, it’s no surprise your phone keeps ringing with unrecognised numbers, Recruitment Consultants lurking at the other end of the line. Why would you want to talk to them? They are there to get you a job, and you keep telling them you’re not on the market for one at the moment.  

Well, although it may seem pointless, there are a few reasons why picking up the phone to that Recruiter could actually be a sensible move, even if you’re planning on staying with your current organisation for the foreseeable. 

An important distinction should be made early on. We’re not suggesting you should pick up the phone and have an introduction with all the Recruitment Consultants that ring you. That would take a lot of time and effort. You need to make sure you’re talking to the right kind of Consultant – a Salesforce Recruitment Specialist. They will understand your niche, and give you deeper and more valuable insights, as opposed to a Consultant that covers a wider area. 

Talk to the experts 

If you are talking to a Salesforce Recruitment Specialist, you’ll be talking to a market expert. Their day-to-day is Salesforce recruitment. They know the ins and outs, what’s going on in the industry, and how the future is shaping up. If anything, other than finding you your dream role, this is the most valuable aspect of having a Recruitment Specialist in your corner. 

A Salesforce Recruitment Specialist is an expert on your market specifically, and they see the wider picture that might not be accessible to you. You can start gaining market insight from that first phone call. You might even gain some knowledge that changes your course of action or your timescale career-wise. Having transparent conversations with a Recruiter allows you both to share new ways of working, and keep you up to date on the latest technological innovations. The least you’ll get out of it is useful knowledge. There’s nothing to lose, only to gain.  

Laying the foundations 

Building a trusting relationship with a Recruitment Specialist is key. Who doesn’t like getting a head start? That’s what your introduction with them offers you. If you only get the ball rolling once you’ve decided to start searching for a new role, you’ve missed out on the rapport and trust you could’ve built already.   

The more conversations, particularly face-to-face meetings, you’ve had with your Recruiter, the more opportunities they’ve had to get to know you. If you start this prior to a job search, even if it’s years in advance, you’ll be in a much better position than if you have to play catch-up when you’ve already started hunting for your next role. If they already know what you do well, what you enjoy, the projects you’ve worked on, the type of organisation you like to work for, and your pain points, then they’re set up perfectly to move quickly for you when the time comes. They’ll even be able to tell if it’s the right move for you personally, as well as professionally. Take the head start, because the time you invest now will pay dividends in the long run.  

Career Coaching 

Want to make a move from Admin to Developer? Not sure which certification will help you reach your goal? Not sure if you want to stay in the Partner ecosystem forever, but don’t know your options? All the more reason to start talking to a Salesforce Recruitment Specialist now. 

Introductory phone calls are normally exploratory. If a Recruitment Consultant just asks you to talk a little more about what’s on your CV, and stops there, you might not be speaking to the right person. A good recruiter will go further, get you to expand on things, delve into the details. ‘Tell me more about that project…’, ‘Let’s go into how that team structure suited you a little further…’, ‘How did you find that particular Salesforce implementation?’.  By doing this, you often learn a lot about yourself, and what you want your career to look like. 

Over time, Specialist Recruitment Consultants get to know the different career pathways, and they really have seen it all. They can offer you advice and coaching that could get you where you want to be in your career. Developing short and long-term strategies with them could be career-changing for you. 

Access all areas 

A lot of Recruiters talk about exclusivity. It’s not them trying to stop you talking to other Recruiters; it goes both ways. In the same way that you might offer them exclusivity with you as a candidate, a good Salesforce Recruitment Specialist will have access to clients that work with them exclusively, which means you get first dibs on the best Salesforce roles that won’t be available through other Recruiters or job boards. Having a strong relationship with a Recruiter opens these doors for you. 

Have you ever walked through first class, en route back to economy, and wondered what it's like to be sitting up there? Or gazed over at the VIP lounge doors, pondering what it’s like on the other side? Having a good Recruiter in your corner just bumped you up to first class service, and gave you access to the places other candidates can’t go. You could be sipping champagne at 40,000 feet before you know it, and it all starts with that first phone call. 

You’re in the driver's seat 

This is one way to stop the phone ringing off the hook. Once you’ve had an introductory phone call with your Salesforce Recruitment Specialist, the ball is in your court. You can decide how you move forward, and what level of contact you’d like to receive in the future. 

You might set a schedule for 3-monthly or 6-monthly catch-ups, or you might say you’ll be the next one to get in contact. You could suggest the Recruiter rings you the next time they’ve got a vacancy that sounds perfect for you. You might want to know about every opportunity that comes along, even if it doesn’t tick every one of your boxes, because you’re open to compromise. If you are a contractor, you can set a schedule so that your Recruiter knows when to line up new roles for you, and take more control over how much time off you have between contracts. 

The key point is, it’s up to you. Now that you've had your introduction, you’re in control.  

Love your job? Not looking for a role right now? Great! It’s the perfect time to start having these conversations.   

At Focus on Salesforce, we’re 100% focused on Salesforce recruitment. Get in touch today to have an introductory phone call with one of our Salesforce Recruitment Specialists.  

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