Unlocking Opportunities in Security Cleared Roles for Microsoft Technology Enthusiasts

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The demand for Security Cleared professionals in organisations implementing Microsoft techno...

The demand for Security Cleared professionals in organisations implementing Microsoft technologies and driving transformation programs is soaring. However, the UK faces a significant shortage of technical skills, which is further exacerbated when it comes to Security Check (SC) or Developed Vetting (DV) cleared roles. In this article, we'll delve into the challenges, growth trends, and the types of organisations seeking these in-demand professionals. Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?


Hidden Hiring: The sensitive nature of SC cleared roles often means that recruiters and candidates can't openly discuss the skills required. This secrecy complicates the sourcing process.

High Demand: Despite the challenges of "hidden hiring," we've compiled a snapshot of the market that reveals a substantial increase in demand for SC cleared professionals over the past year. Let's explore this further.

Market Demand: The Stats

  • 24,000 job posts in the last year mentioned SC Clearance.
  • Job postings requiring SC Clearance increased by 16% in the past year.
  • SC clearance is the 11th most in-demand IT skill for contract jobs in the UK.

Sources: LinkedIn (data from the last 12 months), IT Jobs Watch (data from the last 6 months)

Technology Focus

Professionals with SC clearance are particularly sought after in the technology field:

  • Microsoft Azure professionals have seen a 12% growth.
  • Amazon Web Services experts have experienced a 10% increase.

Job Titles

The most sought-after job titles for SC cleared professionals are:

  • Developers (13%)
  • Architects (11%)

Source: LinkedIn (data from the last 12 months)

Who's Hiring?

Public Sector: Government departments are the primary employers of security cleared IT professionals in the UK. The pandemic has accelerated many government-led IT transformation projects, increasing the demand for SC cleared experts.

Private Sector: While financial institutions have traditionally requested SC clearance, we're now seeing a broader range of industries seeking Basic Check (BC) at a minimum or Security Check (SC) for sensitive projects. This demand extends to individuals needing access to sensitive government assets, information, or personnel data.

Candidate FAQ's

How long does your clearance last? SC clearance is valid for 12 months from the last day you worked in a position with SC clearance. If you haven't used it within a year, you'll lose it.

How long does it take to get? According to the government website, it takes 6 weeks, but wait times have occasionally stretched to 6 months due to a pandemic-related backlog.

Common Types of Accreditations

  • Accreditation Check (AC)
  • Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC)
  • Security Check (SC)
  • Developed Vetting (DV)

If you're interested in exploring Security Cleared roles in the IT industry or if you hold SC clearance and are seeking new opportunities, get in touch with us today. We're here to guide you through this exciting journey.

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