Unlocking Your Dream Career: Finding the Perfect Fit

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So, you’ve embarked on a new job adventure filled with enthusiasm and high hopes. Your...

So, you’ve embarked on a new job adventure filled with enthusiasm and high hopes. Your interview was brilliant, the people seemed amazing, and the projects promised a mix of challenges and fun. But, sooner or later, those rose-tinted glasses come off, and reality sets in. It could happen in days, weeks, or months.

Do you blame the company for selling you a dream that didn't quite match reality? Perhaps. Or did you not ask yourself and your future employer the right questions? Either way, it's essential to consider these ideas before your next job interview.

First things first: Why are you on the job hunt?

Always take a deep dive into your motivations. Explore what truly matters to you and how your career aligns with your goals. While money might be a major factor (and that's okay), is it the sole deciding factor?

For instance, if you're a contractor frequently on the hunt for new placements, consider if it's genuinely what you want. We helped David, who often worked in leadership roles, but he opted for a more junior position because it was closer to home.

"It was wonderful being at home, sleeping in my own bed, and resisting those irresistible breakfasts at Premier Inn. It did wonders for my waistline!" - David Burn, Business Analyst

On the other hand, you might be frustrated that your current organisation doesn't share your core values.

"Working with Cognitive helped me identify my core values and what I truly wanted in my next role. It aligned me with my current company and its values. I feel at home here." - Samina Gordon, Senior Project Manager

Without understanding your motivations, you might always find yourself unhappy at work, and it's not your employer's fault. Take a step back and ask your interviewer thought-provoking questions to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Here are five questions to get you started:

  1. What examples of customer service can you share? Are they customer-centric or a consultancy? How they treat their clients may reflect their internal culture.

  2. How did you keep employees engaged during remote work or lockdown? Encourage them to provide insights beyond the usual responses. This helps you understand their organizational culture and values.

  3. How does the organization approach "health and well-being"? What initiatives have they implemented internally? Do these align with your well-being goals?

  4. How is success defined here? Does it align with your career aspirations? Understanding how they measure success can guide your career path.

  5. How will I be managed, and will I receive regular feedback? To progress in your career, ensure the organization can support your growth journey.

By investing time in obtaining answers that reveal the organization's culture and direction, you can find a role that satisfies both your present and future. If you're contemplating your next career move and want to make an informed decision, reach out to us. We'll show you the available opportunities and help you understand your true motivations for the move.

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