Workday® 2022 R1: What's New?

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Workday® 2022 R1 is here. We've broken down the new features and updates available f...

Workday® 2022 R1 is here. We've broken down the new features and updates available from 12th March in this handy guide.


Vaccination and Workplace Test Tracking - Set up required (level: high)

  • Continued improvements to vaccine tracking - configure optional fields in process, add data capture to on-boarding process and purging capabilities.
  • Important for compliance, and better response to the pandemic with workers returning to offices.

Name pronunciation on profiles – Set up required (level: low)

  • Workers can add phonetic name pronunciation to their profiles.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) on Position Restrictions – Set up required (level: low)

  • Allows you to view position data in terms of default weekly hours, scheduled weekly hours and FTE percentages - greater flexibility for HR staff.

Correct and Insert Organisation Assignments Out of Order – Set up required (level: medium)

  • Easier to insert an organisation assignment event and then edit these.

Time Tracking

Manage Working Schedule Calendar Assignments - Set up required (level: low)

  • Easier to manage schedules for larger populations of workers, particularly good for shift workers etc., can mass assign a work schedule, and thus any modifications will be applied to all.

Period Schedules for Time Tracking - Automatic Update

  • No longer need to update time tracking fields individually, can automatically create period schedule periods using time entry dates.
  • Function to prevent incompatible dates from being entered.

Calendar - Set up required (level: low)

  • Can now access week-based methods for time-entry from the monthly calendar view.


Workday® Assistant - Set up required (level: medium)

  • Updated to allow workers to edit, delete and correct time off using the Workday® Assistant Chatbot.

Track Time Off Override Balance - Automatic Update

  • Allows better reporting on time off override balances by organisation and worker.


Hide Benefit Plans – Set up required (level: low)

  • Hide plans no longer in use by the organisation; prevents mistakes with selection of benefit plans, won’t appear in search prompts, but can still search for it by name. Will appear as “Benefit Plan Name (Do Not Use)”.

Decision Support - Set up required (level: medium)

  • Can add additional plan info to the selection page, including a free text description about a plan, users don’t have to click through to further documents.


Termination- Forfeit One-Time Payments - Set up Required (level: low)

  • Avoid overpaying terminated workers by forfeiting future-dated one-time payments. You can view any scheduled one-time payments dated after their termination date, and checked as “Send to Payroll”, during the Termination business process. Reduces manual effort.

Clawback Payment Processing for One-Time Payments – Set up required (level: high)

  • During the termination process, you can recover any applicable One-Time Payments made to an employee during their employment that have not met the terms of that One-Time Payment.

Deferred Bonus Overrides – Set up required (level: low)

  • Allows a compensation planner to override a bonus amount and/or percent during a compensation review process on an individual basis.

Payroll (UK)

Step Based Calculations - Automatic Update

  • Now able to copy existing calculations and conditions.

P45 Form Generation - Automatic update

  • Can include workers after payroll has been processed, can identify if a P45 has been generated during an On cycle or Off cycle payment, and adds an ‘Exclude Worker’ checkbox to the task form.

RTI: FPS Data - Set up required (level: low)

  • Can generate UK RTI FPS data to provide more flexibility when processing integrations.

Payroll (US)

Retro Differences from Current Tax Authority Change - Automatic update

  • Can now support tax authority changes for a worker by calculating pay differences for retro events.

Pay Result Mass Action Report - Automatic update

  • Can now access one report to view and analyse pay results and action if needed. Similar in structure to the Retro results report.

Combine Payslips – Set up required (level: high)

  • Can now combine payslips for workers who have, or have had, multiple jobs within a company group. Users can still view individual company payslip if needed.


Job Requisition Notes - Set up required (level: low)

  • Allows the user to add notes to the Job Requisition processes.

Candidate Job Application Notes - Set up required (level: low)

  • Allows the user to add notes to a candidate profile at the Job Application level.

Talent & Performance

Skill Synonym Management - Set up required (level: low)

  • Skills Cloud can now be enabled to automatically convert synonymous tenanted skills, rather than just duplicate skills.


Cloud Connect for Learning – Set up required (level: medium)

  • Near real-time completion tracking for LinkedIn Learning, Udemy Business and Skillsoft.

Transcript Transition for Extended Enterprise Learners (EEL) - Set up required (level: medium)

  • If using Workday Recruiting, EELs can now apply for internal jobs through Workday® account and learning records can be easily transitioned to new roles.


Hide Workday-Delivered Reports - Automatic update

  • Allows mass-hiding of Workday-delivered reports.

Worksheets Live Data - Automatic update

  • More flexibility with data analysis - add and remove columns based on live data.

People Experience

New Homepage - Automatic update unless opting out

  • New customisation features available on new Homepage UI e.g., external links (configuration required if customisation needed).
  • Opting in will allow testing of new homepage UI before 2022R2 by Security Groups.
  • From 2022 R2, all customers will be on the same Homepage UI.


HTTPS OAuth 2.0 for Outbound EIB and Document Delivery Service - Automatic update

  • File delivery to HTTPS REST Endpoints increases data security.

Slack Time Off Requests - Set up required (level: medium)

  • Workers can edit and delete time off requests in Slack.

Microsoft Teams Time Off Requests - Set up required (level: medium)

  • Workers can edit and delete time off requests in Microsoft Teams. 

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