5 Top Tips For Getting Your SAP Career Off To a Flying Start

3 Minutes

1. Choose your specialist path with SAP.With SAP, you can choose which path you will go down...

1. Choose your specialist path with SAP.

With SAP, you can choose which path you will go down. If you have a programming mind, then a technical role like an SAP technical architect or SAP technical consultant could be the way to go. They can write code. Most technical consultants come from engineering or technical backgrounds.

A person who likes to manage relationships or configure systems would be more suited to a functional role. These can include SAP Functional Consultants who implement SAP or business processes in a company. Others can look into support roles and maintenance centres.

2. Polish those skills up!!

So, once you have the path that you are either starting to follow or refreshing your way, get out and develop them. Do this either by joining SAP courses during some downtime or join the SAP learning hub https://training.sap.com/learninghub.

The SAP YouTube channel has various videos on almost any SAP subject you could think of. Countries from all of the world have SAP content there, so most languages are covered to help you get the most out of it.

3. Link up with other users

Once you have this valuable knowledge, get on forums about SAP. Join in the conversations, this way, you are getting your name out there and known. You will be amazed at what information, knowledge and experience are shared here. You will get a wealth of experience ready for your SAP challenge.

There is a website solely for SAP users. Not only will you be able to network and collaborate with other users, but it also has events and webinars that you will able to join https://sapusers.org/. It holds a treasure of guides and a support library all for you to access once you become a member.

4. Start networking

Next, you should look at networking on platforms such as LinkedIn. Make sure that you have listed all your certifications and achievements of SAP. Dusting the summary bio on media such as these can be enough to catch the eye.

Get to know other users and companies within the SAP ecosystem. Follow, like, and comment on their posts on social media. Reach out and start networking. Build rapport and develop relationships with them; these types of contacts could become invaluable to your journey whilst getting started. Join in their conversations and ask questions. Scary at first, but some valuable information and experiences to be shared! 

5. Find a dedicated SAP Recruitment Consultant

Find a recruiter whose niche is SAP. They will know the ecosystem and roles inside out and will be able to help you with getting that first or next role. Get in touch with Focus on SAP. Our consultants can give you advice specific to you and your career. Your personal development and career paths are yours and our top priority. As we eat, sleep and breathe SAP, we will match you with the right roles quicker and more accurately than any other. 

As we only deal with the SAP ecosystem and the talented individuals within it, it is within our interest to ensure the successful development and deployment of SAP professionals on a global scale. 

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