Focus: Enter the Cloud - Shifting Mindset: Embracing Cloud Solutions & Building Successful Teams

Matt Lawrence

By Matt Lawrence

The conversation covers Matt Lawrence's journey from PeopleSoft to co-founding a successful Workday consultancy, navigating the challenges of building and selling a business, and the impact of COVID-19 on the cloud market. It also explores the decision to leave a large global partner and the shift in mindset towards cloud solutions. The conversation covers the evolution of the Workday ecosystem, key decisions that led to business success, the transition of the business, and the future of cloud markets and AI. It also delves into the stress and challenges faced in the business journey, the importance of building successful teams, and advice for those entering the workday ecosystem. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Matt Lawrence's journey from PeopleSoft to co-founding a successful Workday consultancy 
  • Challenges of building and selling a business 
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the cloud market
  • Shift in mindset towards cloud solutions 
  • Decision to leave the Workday ecosystem and pursue a new challenge 
  • The Workday ecosystem has evolved significantly, with a focus on cloud-based solutions and the potential of AI integration. 
  • Key decisions, such as transitioning from a small boutique to a large global SI and focusing on Workday recruitment, have been instrumental in business success. 
  • The journey has been marked by stress and challenges, including financial pressures and legal issues, but strategic decisions and support have led to growth and success. 
  • Building successful teams involves hiring individuals who share the company's values, trust, and empowerment, and having a diverse mix of personalities and skills. 
  • Advice for those entering the Workday ecosystem includes specializing in a niche area and becoming an expert in that field, as well as being open to branching out into other areas as the business grows. 


  1. 00:00 - The Journey from PeopleSoft to Workday Consultancy
  2. 03:16 - Building and Selling a Successful Business
  3. 36:28 - Shifting Mindset: Embracing Cloud Solutions
  4. 38:41 - Transitioning from Alight to a New Challenge
  5. 39:51 - Evolution of the Workday Ecosystem
  6. 41:33 - Key Decisions and Business Success
  7. 51:12 - Navigating Stress and Challenges
  8. 01:03:35 - Building Successful Teams
  9. 01:11:02 - The Future of Cloud Markets and AI
  10. 01:13:57 - Advice for Entering the Workday Ecosystem
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