Focus On ServiceNow: Who are we, and how can we help?

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Focus on ServiceNow has been part of the successful Focus Group since November 2020. Headed ...

Focus on ServiceNow has been part of the successful Focus Group since November 2020. Headed by Mark Gyles, they have gone from strength to strength. 

So, what is the purpose of this article? We want to give you an insight into some the people working for Focus on ServiceNow, so you really know who you are talking to. 

To many people, a recruiter is just someone on the end of the phone, a voice, but we want to break that wall and make us more “human”! 

Sit back and get to know some of our ServiceNow team!  

Mark Gyles 

Mark has been part of the Focus Group since 2016. Originally a recruiter for the Focus Cloud Workday team, he worked his way up to becoming the head of Focus on ServiceNow when it was launched in 2020.  

An avid Brighton and Hove Albion fan, you can find Mark supporting his favourite Premier League team (at the time of writing). Up the Albion! His favourite Albion player in recent years is Glenn Murray. “There’s only ONE GLENN MURRAY!”.  He was playing golf when Mark got a lesson. His trainer asked if he was OK to have a photo! Nice little claim to fame, Mark!

In the past couple of weeks, Mark has become a dad for the first time! So, when he’s not working with clients and candidates, or playing golf, you will find him knee deep in nappies spending time with his new baby son. 

How We Can Help You as a Business 

Introducing or expanding your ServiceNow systems can be a costly and time-consuming process. We place accomplished professionals to ensure that your investment pays off, and ultimately that your ServiceNow function runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

We’re more than just recruiters; we immerse ourselves within your business to ensure a fully engaged service. As an international company, availability is a key part of our offering. We’re on hand around the clock to support your ServiceNow requirements across the board. 

You can trust that we will prioritise you and your needs to give you the best possible outcome. 

How We Can Help You as a Candidate  

We want to take the stress away from searching for your ideal role. Our team will give you complete clarity on opportunities, so you can make the right decision for you!  

We work as a partnership with each candidate, giving advice on what we think is best professionally, commercially, and personally. We will work closely with you as an individual, taking time to get to know you and what you are truly looking for in your career. Each of our consultants has a dedicated niche, meaning you can be confident that you have partnered with the right individual who will provide you with an exceptional experience. 

There you have it! An insight into a couple of our superstars here at Focus on ServiceNow. Give them a call today, and they will be happy to help you either find your perfect role or the perfect candidate needed for your role!

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