Getting Started In Salesforce - 5 Things You Need To Know

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1. Get a free accountSet up an account with on the Admin playground https://developer.salesf...

1. Get a free account

Set up an account with on the Admin playground This means that you can access all the main features and functions of Salesforce whilst getting to grips and exploring hands-on with the platform. As so long as you log in every 6 months, you‘ll keep the account live forever. It is so easy to set up and will take just a few minutes!

2. Start using the admin account and learning the platform

So, now you have your account, start exploring and using it. It’s the only way you’ll learn. There are so many resources out there to help you. Salesforce Trailhead is perhaps the go-to place that most professionals would suggest that you start with to learn. It is entirely self-led and has very comprehensive guides, no videos. Cheat sheets on specific topics can be used as a reference and are very easy to follow.  

Salesforce’s very own YouTube channel is devoted to each area to help you learn and show you the way through the platform. Getting to grips with the terminology can be great to help you develop by using the Salesforce Glossary. 

If you prefer the old school way of learning through books, then look at Platform Fundamentals. It can be found as a PDF version. There is pretty much a learning style for almost anyone, whether you like to learn visually, through listening or just by using the platform.

3. Join user groups or networks or both  

Joining either of these or both can be a fab way of getting to know how others use Salesforce, pitfalls of the application and any general feedback. You’ll be able to meet with users who are experienced, those who are new to Salesforce and the experts. It is an educational hub where topics will be specialised on areas of the ecosystem to explain new features and how to use it. 

There are many users’ groups out there depending on the area you specialise in and country you are in. These are a way of communicating with others, talking tech and sharing your thoughts and frustrations. 

By joining a Salesforce network, you will get the benefit of other people’s experiences, celebrate the successful rollout of a piece of work, and learn for free!! Win, win!! 

4. Social networking 

Engage with other users, build your network on most of the well-known platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The sharing of information on these can be invaluable to build rapport, follow people, companies, or topics. 

Conversations on pretty much most topics can be found here, but you can also ask questions directly, and others are happy to educate you and share their knowledge. Join the conversations! You’ll never know until you try.

5. Search for your first Salesforce role

You will need to speak to an expert in the field of recruiting for Salesforce specific roles! The recruiter who knows the ecosystem like the back of their hand is the recruiter to help you get your feet firmly on the first step of the Salesforce ladder. Focus on Salesforce solely specialises in the recruitment of Salesforce professionals on a global scale. Make sure you reach out to our consultants and organise a call, even if it is just for some advice on your next step or to progress in your Salesforce career.

We have the experience, the knowledge and the foundation to help you get your Salesforce career off to a flying start. Get in touch today!

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