How to Build Your Dayforce© Team

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So, you’re implementing Dayforce©… Great choice. Utilising a robust c...

So, you’re implementing Dayforce©… 

Great choice. Utilising a robust cloud-based HCM platform, like Dayforce©, can transform the way your business operates, and help you achieve your business goals.  

However, you’ll need a skilled and cohesive team that can handle all aspects of the implementation process, or you’ll run into some problems along the way. Think about the complexities you need to cover – implementing the new system, migration of data from your legacy system, integration with your other business systems, ongoing maintenance and support. Every step of the process represents a chance for problems to arise, if you don’t get the right hands on deck to make it happen. 

As a Hiring Manager, assembling the right team with the necessary job titles and skills is crucial. So, we’re going to take a deep dive into exactly who you should be looking for, and the competencies you’ll need to ensure your Dayforce© implementation is a success… 

1. Dayforce Project Manager

A competent Dayforce Project Manager is essential for overseeing your entire implementation process. This individual should have strong leadership and organisational skills to ensure your project is executed efficiently, and within the allocated time frame. The Project Manager will be responsible for understanding the brief in full, coordinating team efforts, managing resources, setting project milestones, communicating with stakeholders, and ensuring your project stays on track. It’s their job to strive for the best outcome, and to ensure your goals for the project are achieved. 

Top Skills: Project management experience, strong communication and leadership skills, ability to manage deadlines and resources effectively. 

2. HRIS Analyst

An HRIS (Human Resources Information System) Analyst specialises in managing and configuring your Dayforce© system. Previous experience with Dayforce© will be very beneficial here. They are responsible for system configuration, data migration (alongside your data specialist), integration with existing systems, and troubleshooting any technical issues that may arise during implementation. Your HRIS Analyst should have a deep understanding of Dayforce© functionalities, and possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 

Top Skills: Dayforce© system expertise, data migration and integration knowledge, attention to detail, analytical thinking, and troubleshooting abilities 

3. HR Process Specialist/SME/Business Analyst

Your HR Process Specialists/BAs/SMEs will play a crucial role in mapping and optimising your HR processes within Dayforce©. They’ll work closely with HR stakeholders to identify process gaps, streamline workflows, and ensure the system is aligned with the organisation’s HR practices. This role requires a solid understanding of HR processes, how they translate into Dayforce©, change management skills, and the ability to identify areas for process improvement. You may need team members who are specialists in specific modules, such as Workforce Management (WFM) Specialists and/or Payroll Specialists, depending on what aspects of the Dayforce© platform you are implementing. 

Top Skills: HR process knowledge, change management experience, Dayforce© module knowledge, excellent communication and collaboration skills. 

4. Testing Team

Quality assurance and testing are integral to the success of any software implementation, including Ceridian Dayforce©. Your Testing team will oversee the testing phase of your Dayforce© implementation, ensuring that the system meets the organisation’s requirements and operates flawlessly.  They will develop and execute comprehensive test plans, coordinate testing activities, and work closely with stakeholders to identify and resolve any issues or defects. You may need multiple roles within this team: 

Test Manager: to oversee and execute the processes described above. 

Test Lead: to manage testing across the board, such as test schedules, plans, scripts and reports, and to support the Test Manager. 

Test Analysts: to create testing artifacts, such as test scripts and test data (if required). They will run the tests with the business as well as providing support. They will need to have Dayforce© knowledge, and be able to navigate the solution with ease, identify defects and point out features.  

Top Skills: Test management experience, knowledge of testing methodologies, attention to detail, strong problem-solving abilities, ability to work collaboratively.

5. Data Migration Specialist

Data migration is a critical aspect of implementing a new HCM system like Ceridian Dayforce©. The Data Migration Specialist is responsible for ensuring a smooth and safe transition of data from the legacy system to Dayforce©. They will analyse data requirements, develop data migration plans, perform data mapping and transformation, and validate the accuracy and completeness of migrated data.

Top skills: Data migration expertise, knowledge of data mapping and transformation, proficiency in data analysis and validation, attention to detail, strong problem-solving skills. 

6. Training and Adoption Specialist

A Training and Adoption Specialist (this could also be a Dayforce SME) plays a vital role in ensuring Dayforce© is successfully adopted across your whole organisation. Without this, you won’t leverage the best of the platform, and your investment will not have such a high ROI. This Dayforce© pro will design and deliver training programmes for end-users, create user guides, and provide ongoing support to employees during the implementation and beyond. You should be looking for excellent communication skills, the ability to simplify complex concepts, and a passion for driving user adoption.  

Top Skills: Training and facilitation experience, strong communication and interpersonal skills, user adoption strategies, ability to form creative methods for training delivery.

7. Ongoing Support

You don’t want to drop your entire implementation team as soon as you reach the post-implementation phase. It’s important to have people around that can support Dayforce© users within the organisation, and continue with maintenance, updates, troubleshooting and training of any new staff. You’ve got a shiny new system, but without the right skills to keep it shiny, you won’t be able to leverage the best of the platform. Permanent hires for ongoing support, or training your existing permanent staff, are both viable options. 

So, there you have it. This list is by no means exhaustive, and there may be some job titles you merge, and others you decide to add to your team. Every Dayforce© implementation is different, so the most important step is to lay out the requirements for your team and organisation before you start hiring, so you can gather all the skills and competencies that are specific to your needs.  

By carefully selecting the individuals with the right expertise and skills, you can ensure that your Dayforce© implementation delivers the business transformation you desire, streamlining your HR processes, and ensuring a positive and effective user experience for all. 

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