Recruitment After Lockdown - 5 Top Tips For Getting Your Next Role

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1. Revamp The CV!So, it’s been a while since your CV has seen the light of day! This i...

1. Revamp The CV!

So, it’s been a while since your CV has seen the light of day! This is one of those documents that gets forgotten, yet it can be one your most valuable assets to set you apart from the rest! Make sure that you have a summary of your achievements and Salesforce certifications, describe them rather than list your duties and responsibilities. An eye-catching personal statement is always a good start to the reader (We can help with that). It needs to be easy to read in a modern font. Alternatively, why not try a video CV. Be different and stand out.

2. Update And Upskill!

Many colleagues and co workers would have taken the time to upskill and strengthen in areas of Salesforce that they may have been weaker in – this means the competition for places is even greater than it would have been before Covid-19. The best way for you to stand out is to make sure you are up to date on all your certifications in the ecosystem and that these are on your new and improved CV!

3. Network, Network, Network!

Get out there! Get on Linkedin! Update and revamp your profile, make sure that all those new certifications are on there for all to see. Even rewording your summary could be a good idea. Reach out to hiring managers, recruiters, decisions makers and create new relationships.

Its not what you know, it is who you know right?? Right! So, make sure you build new relationships with influential people at organisations you want to work!

You need to stand out, above the crowd and one way of doing this is by directly building relationships with those that will need your skills. Become more than a CV in their inbox and they will seek you out.

4. Interview Tips!

It may have been a while since you have had an interview... Look online and get some tips for both phone and video interviews.

Face to face are not likely to be happening anytime soon, so just make sure that you dress how you would for a face to face interview, whether it is a live video or pre-recorded, and you are in a quiet location. Ensure that your computer and software have been tested out prior to meeting your prospective employer.

Lastly, use that positive body language, smile, eye contact and take an interest in what is being said. Putting all of this together will give you a positive experience of interviewing whether you have not done it for a while or not. The best person to sell you and your Salesforce skills and experience, is you!!

5. Invest Time In A Recruitment Consultant

Speak to a recruitment consultant who knows the Salesforce ecosystem inside and out. They can help you ensure that you are applying and being put forward for the right roles and companies.

Its very much like skills matching. A recruiter who understands and knows his candidates and their skills, will the recruiter to go to. You will want to explain how and why you got into the Salesforce ecosystem, what current certifications you have and that you have kept up to date with developments and then where you would like to be placed ideally to use those newly acquired certifications.

6. Being Flexible, And A Bit More Flexible

So, a job vacancy has come out and the recruiter thinks you would be a suitable candidate. It is not necessarily the the dream role however all opportunities will offer you some benefits. Just go for it. Nothing ventured is nothing gained especially in a market that has been so competitive. Every opportunity is a time to learn and build on your skills! It may challenge and push your boundaries; you may end up gaining further skills in the Salesforce ecosystem that you had never thought about. If you must be in the office once a week, it is always nice to see other colleagues who are working in the same area as you. Don’t see it as a barrier, see it as an opportunity.

7. Consider Volunteering Or Work Experience?

This can be invaluable to using those new certifications. The more experience you get the better you will be able to use the platform and show others different ways to do things in the ecosystem. It will also boost your skillset. If you are able to demonstrate that you have been working remotely in a team, using soft skills, this can put you way above others competing for the same Salesforce roles. Additionally it offers you more time to network and build the community around you which in turn may offer you more opportunities in the future.

8. Don’t Mind The Gap!

In these uncertain and ever-changing times, employers have come to almost expect and be mindful that there will be gaps in employment. Be ready to discuss how you have filled your time with:

  • Gaining new Salesforce certifications
  • Volunteering/ and work experience
  • Online Salesforce courses
  • Taking up personal projects

This will show prospective employers more about your personality and adds to your CV.

Focus on Salesforce can help you with every aspect of finding a new role in the Salesforce ecosystem. Take the time to reach out to one of our consultants today, and we will help you get back into work post-Covid-19.

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