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Founded in 2003, ServiceNow has become one of the cloud-based system contenders. The only em...

Founded in 2003, ServiceNow has become one of the cloud-based system contenders. The only employee until mid-2005 was the founder, Fred Luddy. He focused his time on developing the software the company would offer. 

In 2006, the company officially changed its name to the name we all know now – ServiceNow. 2007 saw ServiceNow report an annual revenue of $13million. This was the first year they went “cash-flow” positive. 

As of January 2011, ServiceNow had 275 employees in its San Diego, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, London, and Frankfurt offices, as well as a partnership with Accenture, who had more than 100 ServiceNow consultants. Things were certainly starting to take off for Fred Luddy’s company. 2012 saw ServiceNow become a publicly traded company following a $210 million IPO. 

The most significant change in recent years is that in 2019, Bill McDermott, formerly CEO of SAP SE, became the new CEO for ServiceNow. 

To date, ServiceNow has over 18,000 employees and is still growing, with over 7,000 hires during the pandemic. With a growth that substantial within 10 years, is there really any stopping them?!  

2022 will be a big year for ServiceNow, with 2 releases in the pipeline. “San Diego” in quarter 2 and “Tokyo” in quarter 4.  

What are they bringing to the table? Never fear, I'm here to give you the lowdown.  

The San Diego general release is due to be any time now at the time of writing (March 2022), but nothing is 100% confirmed yet. Not only are new products being introduced in San Diego, but there will also be additional features added to existing ServiceNow products. Some new products and features include Employee Service Management, Financial Services Deposit Operations, Onboarding Experience and Project Workspace. The list goes on, but these are some highlights.  

If your current ServiceNow release is Rome, you don’t need to worry about upgrading. 

However, if you are still currently using Quebec, you will need to think about updating to the latest release or at least the one before. You will not fully benefit from the new security, performance, and availability if you choose not to upgrade to the current release family.  

So, what are you waiting for – upgrade and get the best features to date! (We can help you with that) 

Later in the year, in quarter 4, we will see the release of Tokyo. Nothing has been leaked regarding this release but be sure to keep an eye on ServiceNow’s website for more information when it drops.  

2021 saw a boom in digital transformation. Companies were forced to ramp things up after changing the way they worked.  

Continuous innovation will be at the forefront of many companies' minds in 2022, and ServiceNow are no exception. Every successful organisation needs to adapt to a constant, unpredictable change.  

After the past couple of years, there will be no doubt further ambiguity and interruption, making continuous transformation not only key to business growth, but also survival. With two more releases scheduled for 2023, ServiceNow is continuously looking forward to building the most innovative, progressive system they can build. 

Another factor to the success and future of ServiceNow, is the Now Platform.  


Automation is a fundamental process that every organisation requires to make their processes more efficient. With the ability to quickly create process automation artifacts that also allow for low code or no code creation, the Now platform is at the top of its game. 

 It provides all key user types for process automation, primarily business users, but also process analysts, automation developers and IT operations.  Platforms are crucial for software success, both for business automation and process automation.  

ServiceNow's Now platform has been proven over time because it has followed successful platform criteria. ServiceNow has shown in recent years that there is a high degree of confidence that the Now platform can handle the necessary future growth from a functional and growth perspective.  

In a recent interview, Bill McDermott talked about the future for ServiceNow. He mentioned that they will focus on the ultimate goal, customer service. "Trust is the ultimate human currency." If you focus on the core issues, this will drive employee engagement, which will lead to better customer service. Digital transformation is becoming an increasing necessity and norm for companies. ServiceNow dedicates its services to ensuring a smooth and individual experience. Each company is different and ServiceNow knows this, they will adapt their platform to the company's goals. One thing Bill McDermott said during the interview was, "The world works with Service Now is not just a tagline, but a fundamental belief."  

This really resonated with me, and I am sure it does with you, with a CEO who has the passion for the product and the people who work for it, ServiceNow is truly unstoppable! 

Get in touch today to help with all your ServiceNow needs. 

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