The Growth of Analytics and Insights: Salesforce announces further innovations for 2022

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With the Salesforce World Tour in full swing, exciting announcements about new features and ...

With the Salesforce World Tour in full swing, exciting announcements about new features and updates are abundant. The Washington, D.C. World Tour on April 12th was no exception. Salesforce have revealed even more exciting features, this time focused on the realm of analytics and insights. Whether you’re a Salesforce professional, or your organisation is a Salesforce customer, here’s what’s new in analytics:  

Salesforce CRM Analytics

Salesforce CRM Analytics: the new name for Tableau CRM. The service uses AI to make predictive and prescriptive recommendations based on data analysis, putting the customer one step ahead in business decisions. Several new features have been announced: 

CRM Analytics App for Slack 

Data can be integrated directly into an employee’s workflow in the core CRM, making it easier for the whole team to access, share and collaborate on actionable insights.  

Predictions in Slack 

Predictions from Salesforce reports are now accessible from employees’ workflows as well, ensuring you stay up to date on any risks to your business.  

Search Insights 

From the analytics landing page, you can search anywhere within CRM Analytics using natural language, making information more easily accessible. Search results will now include any dashboard, dataset and ‘next best’ groupings. 

Energy and Utilities Analytics  

As promised in the World Tour Special in March 2022, Salesforce is committed to sustainability. New features in energy and utilities analytics provide deeper insights into sales processes, reducing quote times and building actions into workflows. 

Public Sector Analytics

You can now receive actionable intelligence inside workflows, providing greater insight into team efficiency and compliance.  

Revenue Intelligence 

Revenue Intelligence amalgamates CRM Analytics with the Sales Cloud, integrating insights into Sales workflows. With exciting features such as data tracking, precision forecasting and pipeline management, and the power of AI, Revenue Intelligence has allowed sales teams to make data-driven decisions. Now Salesforce is introducing industry-tailored versions of Revenue Intelligence: 

Financial Services Intelligence for Financial Services Cloud 

Integrates industry and market knowledge to provide intelligence for the banking and finance industries. 

Manufacturing Intelligence for Manufacturing Cloud 

Using 50+ metrics, businesses can understand their value chain in more detail. 

Consumer Goods Intelligence for Consumer Goods Cloud 

Powered by AI and BI, this will give strategic and operational insights, including predictions, to the Consumer Goods Cloud. 

Communications Intelligence for Communications Cloud 

AI powered analytics for communications service providers. 

Public Sector Analytics is immediately available, and the other features will be available in June 2022, along with some of the other new features to the Marketing and Service Clouds we discussed in our article last week.  

These new analytics and insights features could make a huge difference to organisations and their business decisions. With the integration of CRM Analytics with Slack, this should improve team communication and allow for more collaboration on data-driven decisions. SaaS providers are making a move towards more industry-specific products, facilitating a customer-first mentality by allowing organisations to access technology tailored to their own needs. Watch this space, we’re sure there’ll be more exciting implementations before long. 

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