The Importance of Updating Your CV

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As ServiceNow Recruitment Specialists, we are often asked by ServiceNow professionals how th...

As ServiceNow Recruitment Specialists, we are often asked by ServiceNow professionals how they can improve their chances of securing a job in the highly competitive IT industry.  

Our answer is always the same: make sure your CV is up to date! 

Your CV is your ticket to landing a new job. It is the first impression you make on potential employers, and it needs to be up to date and relevant to the position you are applying for.  

With so many articles online on how to perfect your CV, we have collated the top tips into one bite-sized article for you to digest and execute. 

Here are some reasons why updating your CV is so important within the ServiceNow space: 

Stay Competitive in the ServiceNow ecosystem 

The ecosystem is constantly evolving, and new technologies and trends are emerging all the time.  

If you want to stay competitive, you need to ensure that your CV is up to date with your latest skills and experience. This means regularly reviewing and updating your CV to reflect your current role and any new skills you have acquired. 

Have you recently gained a ServiceNow certification or had experience with an implementation? Sharing this information will help with your application. 

Tailor your CV to each job application 

Every job is different, and every employer is looking for specific skills and experience. The tech space is certainly not any different! So, what you have on your CV may be perfect for one role but might not be relevant for another.  

By updating your CV for each job application, you can tailor it to the requirements of the role. This means highlighting the skills and experience that are most relevant to the job, and demonstrating how you can add value to the employer. 

For example, if you want to get more into the system maintenance side of things, avoid in-depth examples on how you have previously helped with implementations, or vice versa. Yes, this is great information, but is it really relevant for what you are applying for? 

Highlight your achievements and successes 

Your CV is not just a list of your previous roles and responsibilities. It is an opportunity to showcase your achievements and successes.  

By updating your CV with your latest achievements and successes, you can demonstrate your value as an employee and show potential employers what you can bring to their organisation. 

Again, list anything you have achieved within your previous ServiceNow positions that you believe will be an asset to the position you are applying for. This can include certifications or perhaps any workshops you have attended.  

Show your commitment to your career 

By regularly updating your CV, you are showing your commitment to your career within the ServiceNow ecosystem, and your willingness to learn and grow.  

Employers want to hire professionals who are passionate about their work and who are always looking to develop their skills. 

Prove to your potential employer that you are the ServiceNow professional they have been waiting for. A relevant CV will stand out by a mile, compared to one that has everything thrown on it. 

So, what have we learnt? 

Updating your CV is essential if you want to stay competitive in the ServiceNow ecosystem, and increase your chances of landing your dream job.  

As ServiceNow Recruitment Specialists, we have seen firsthand how important it is to have an up to date and relevant CV. So, take some time to review and update your CV today, and start on the path to a successful career in the IT industry. 

Before we round up this article, we’ll also add in one more bit of golden information: an updated CV is only half the battle. More and more Hiring Managers within the ServiceNow ecosystem are taking to LinkedIn to find their next hires. Make sure your profile is top notch, with relevant information to allow you to stand out in the ServiceNow crowd. 

Follow our LinkedIn page, as a new article will be coming soon with tips on how to perfect your LinkedIn profile! Click here to follow! 

Here at Focus on ServiceNow, we do more than just find ServiceNow professionals their dream roles; we guide you through the process, ensuring you are the best you can be. We truly believe that working in partnership with a Recruiter will help you land your next position. Contact one of our Recruitment Specialists today for a pressure-free, confidential chat.

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