What Are the Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Enterprise Management Systems?

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Compared to on-site legacy ERP systems, cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprise ...

Compared to on-site legacy ERP systems, cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprise management products, such as Workday®, offer plenty of features and benefits that will support the growth and success of your enterprise. 

Rather than installing a proprietary system and storing data on your company servers, your system would be based in the cloud, easily accessible via the internet, and data is stored on an external server by your service provider.  

At Focus on WD, we are 100% focused on recruitment within the Workday® ecosystem, so we’re using our expert knowledge of cloud-based solutions to bring you the benefits of implementing these within your organisation.

1. Employee Satisfaction

A cloud-based system offers a centralised hub, where you can control accessibility. You can improve employee engagement and retention by taking advantage of the effective and easily navigated user interfaces, allowing independence for employees (e.g. requesting leave) while still maintaining the oversight you need. Employees can access the system from anywhere, on different devices, facilitating remote working and flexibility within your organisation. This centralised communication brings everybody onto the same page, allowing better engagement from your teams. 

2. Increased Security

Cyber security is an important topic at present, with businesses at high risk of cyber attacks and the rise of remote working pushing the necessity of more stringent security measures. Using a cloud-based system from a trusted service provider can take the burden off of your shoulders, saving you valuable time and resources. Vendors employ various measures, such as data encryption, Transport Layer Security, web services security, multi-factor authentication, network IPSs, physical security of the server etc.. The software provider is often scrutinised meticulously for data and security measures, performing regular internal and external audits, so you know you’ll benefit from a high standard of security and data privacy.

3. Saving Resources

The operational benefits of switching from a legacy system to a cloud-based system are extensive. You can cut down the amount of time your employees spend on administrative tasks and give them the freedom to focus on business-critical activities. All employees can be more productive and save hours of time each week.  

4. Scalability and Agility

Your enterprise management system needs to be adaptable and scalable to keep up with the growth of your business, and the ever-changing world around us. With the option to scale your system up and down based on the size and needs of your business, you’ll receive a great deal more flexibility than a legacy system will offer you. As advances are made in technology, and changes happen in your sector, you’ll need a system that is agile enough to keep you at the forefront of your industry. Cloud-based enterprise management systems make adaptable updates and new features inexpensive to implement and benefit from, giving you the freedom to stay up to date compared to a proprietary system. Cloud-based systems also offer more options for integration, with different applications available from the same provider, or with third-party software, giving you the opportunity to tailor your tech to your business needs. 

5. Analytics and Insights

Typically, legacy systems house the different applications you need to manage your business (HR, finances, talent management etc.) separately. With the cloud-based products on the market, you can get real-time access to insights from amalgamated data from different business applications. This makes managing your enterprise all the more efficient, and the speed of access to invaluable information is much faster. Furthermore, with the advancements in AI and machine learning that all good service providers are buying into, you can update and implement state of the art technology to support your organisation and it’s business functions. 

Considering implementing a cloud-based enterprise management solution for your organisation? You’ve certainly got a lot of options, but here’s some further information on what Workday® can offer you, compared to traditional cloud-based ERP systems.  

Get in touch today, and one of our specialist recruiters can consult on the talent you’ll need to get your systems up and running on the cloud.  

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