Why are you Struggling to Hire Permanent Salesforce Staff?

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Let’s not beat around the bush, whether you’re a candidate or a H...

Let’s not beat around the bush, whether you’re a candidate or a Hiring Manager, Salesforce hiring has not been easy in recent months. 

Layoffs in 2023 made everybody uneasy, both in terms of business leaders, who feared expanding their Salesforce practice at such a rocky time, and candidates, who feared redundancy. 

We know that Salesforce is still standing strong as the #1 leading brand globally for CRM software and that the layoffs had more to do with integrating their sales teams than a downturn in business. The shortage of candidate availability that we’ve experienced over the last few years has also improved, as the candidate market becomes more buoyant. 

So why can’t you get candidates to commit to your organisation? 

We’re going to look at some of the reasons why, and the solutions that will turn these hiring problems into permanent success stories… 

Going to battle 

With the tech layoffs thoroughly rocking the boat in 2023, candidates are making sure that when they accept an offer, it’s with the right organisation. At present, candidates are likely to have a few offers on the table, so you’re already in a fight with your competitors/peers. 

The best way to overcome this is to give potential new employees a compelling value proposition and highlight the unique opportunities you’ll offer them within the Salesforce domain. Showcase factors such as career growth, innovative projects, a positive and engaging company culture, and competitive compensation packages. 

Mismatched interviewers 

If you’re interviewing for senior roles, it’s crucial to ensure that the interview panel understands the complexity and nuances of the role.  

Senior-level candidates, such as Senior Developers, Technical Leads, or Solutions Architects, expect to engage with their interviewer on a peer-to-peer basis. Being able to demonstrate an understanding of the specific technical skills, nuances, and requirements is a key way to build confidence in the conversation. This will put the candidate at ease, and ensure you get the most out of the interview.  Even if your interview panel is perfectly capable of doing this, if they’ve got 5 years less experience than the candidatthey’re interviewing, this could put the interviewee’s nose out of joint. They need to feel understood and appreciated by those on a level with them.  

Consider involving your more experienced Salesforce professionals, or if this is your first Salesforce hire, work your way up the line manager thread to find someone on par with their level of skill and expertise. This brings us nicely onto our next point of discussion… 

Offering sole positions 

If you’re hiring for your first and only Salesforce professional within your company, this can be a significant deterrent. Some candidates may jump at the opportunity to come in and take charge of a project, however, some won’tExperienced candidates may be coming from organisations with well-established practices, or they may still feel too junior to take on a sole position.  

Salesforce professionals thrive in environments where they can collaborate, learn from their peers, and have access to a supportive team. Take this away, and they’ll be craving the Ohana. By presenting them with a lone role, you risk alienating candidates who prefer the synergy and camaraderie of working within an established Salesforce practice. 

Consider making a more junior hire to assist your new Salesforce Practice Lead, for example, or hire two Salesforce Consultants instead of one.  This way, they’re not faced with the task of taking on the entire Salesforce practice alone, with the potential uphill battle of building an entirely new team in front of them. 

No clear progression 

Another significant challenge when hiring permanent Salesforce talent is offering them a career progression path that meets their expectations. It’s often top of the list of candidate priorities when choosing their next career step  

Senior Salesforce professionals such as Programme Managers, Senior Consultants, and Senior Developers, seek roles where they can continue their career growth in an upward trajectory. Junior Salesforce professionals need to know that they can build on their career, gaining further skills, experience, and certifications.  

If you can’t provide clear paths of progression or a well-defined career development framework within the Salesforce domain, it may deter professionals from coming to work for you. Create a roadmap for career growth within the Salesforce team, or show your willingness to do this. You can offer training programmes, certifications, and opportunities for leadership roles in the future to attract and retain your top talent. 

The Salesforce roadmap 

A roadmap for career progression goes hand-in-hand with your roadmap for your Salesforce practice in general. If you don’t have one, it can deter both seasoned and junior professionals from joining your ranks. Without a well-defined plan for the Salesforce platform, candidates may perceive the role as lacking direction or potential for impactful contributions. You will draw in more top candidates if you have a strategic vision for leveraging the software to drive business growth. 

If you can display to candidates your commitment to Salesforce, and the desire to scale and grow the practice as your business does, whether this is adding more clouds or capabilities, you’ll be far more likely to entice them on board. 

Hiring permanent Salesforce talent can be challenging, but unravelling the underlying reasons behind this difficulty is the key to unlocking success. By showcasing the benefits of joining your organisation, picking the right interviewers, making sure you don't scare candidates away by making them your sole Salesforce hire, offering clearly defined career paths and making sure you have a strong product roadmap laid out for Salesforce, you can dramatically enhance your chances of attracting and retaining top talent. Remember, investing in a strong Salesforce team is not just a strategic move – it’s a game-changer that allows your organisation to harness the full potential of the Salesforce platform. Seize the opportunity to build a Salesforce powerhouse that will propel your business to extraordinary heights.  

Are you in need of expert assistance to hire your permanent Salesforce professionals? With our extensive network and deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, we can help you overcome the obstacles that are stopping you from bagging that top-tier talent. Get in touch with Focus on Salesforce, and we’ll help you drive your business forward.  

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