Why Use Focus on Salesforce to Recruit Your Salesforce Specialists?

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3 Reasons that make Focus on Salesforce the go-to partner for your Salesforce recruitment ne...

3 Reasons that make Focus on Salesforce the go-to partner for your Salesforce recruitment needs. 

So, you’re implementing Salesforce? We don’t blame you. As the world’s market leader in CRM, and offering you a cloud-based solution, Salesforce is breaking down barriers for your employees and customers. With the digital acceleration we’ve seen in the last 2 years, and the shift towards remote and hybrid working, it’s more important than ever for businesses to offer technological solutions that facilitate work in this new era. 

Finding the right staff to help you with these changes, or to expand your current team, is more important than ever. Talent is scarce in all industries and sectors at present, so finding the right specialist with the required Salesforce certifications can be even more of a challenge. Luckily, Focus on Salesforce have a well-established and accomplished network of professionals, so we know what good looks like. We’ve even achieved a 3:1 CV to hire ratio. 

We’re 100% focused on Salesforce, and here’s what that means for you and your project. 

1. A deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem  

The Salesforce platform can be extensive and varied in its functionality, depending on which Cloud service you are using. We understand the skills Salesforce professionals need to possess to meet the needs of your platform and business goals. Exploring the different journeys that professionals can take within the Salesforce space has given us a true depth of understanding about every facet of Salesforce. We aren’t just an agency, we are a consultancy, able to help you identify the kind of person you need to hire, instead of ticking boxes from a job description. 

Staying up to date on Salesforce news and updates is part of our day-to-day. We’ll keep you in the know, so we can help you anticipate what you will need in the future and plan for this, rather than just covering the here and now. 

2. Direct access to experienced Salesforce specialists 

Recruiting the right talent with the relevant skill set can be very challenging, even when the general candidate pool is overflowing (which at present, it’s not). Salesforce learning is very accessible, but it takes time and effort. Certifications need to be funded, making it hard for candidates to get started and maintain their skills without the right support. This makes finding the talent with the relevant, and up to date, certifications you need difficult. 

There are also a multitude of different Salesforce roles you might be trying to fill simultaneously, and it can be hard to manage these variations and juggle the recruitment processes for each. Recruiting for a Salesforce Marketer and a Salesforce Developer can be two very different experiences.  

Focus on Salesforce are specialists in recruitment for all Salesforce careers, giving you direct access to a network of experts in their field, whether that be Administrators or Architects. We work very hard to maintain our network, but also to continually grow and expand this, building lasting relationships and trust between our consultants and our candidates. 

3. We are humans, working with humans 

We’ll always follow our core values: Connected, Creative, Experts.  

We’re here for you all hours of the day, 7 days a week. If there is a problem that needs solving or a question that needs an answer, we will always take the time to find creative solutions. Our market knowledge and insight are exemplary, and we work hard to keep it that way. We are a human organisation; we understand that people are not products or commodities. Recruitment can often be treated as a deal-oriented business full of jargon and big words, but it’s just not how we operate. We care about people's journeys and stories, whether they are a candidate, client or an employee. We maintain and grow our extensive candidate and client networks, so that we can always stay connected to the Salesforce ecosystem. We go above and beyond, and we do the right thing, always. We are open, transparent, always maintain the highest code of conduct and act ethically. We are humans, working with humans. 

Let’s find you the Salesforce talent you need 

Contact us for a consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and the talent you’ll require, so we can get qualified CVs sent across to you ASAP.

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