Humanising the Customer Experience: New features for Salesforce Marketing and Service Clouds

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On April 6th, Salesforce announced a list of new features and updates for the Marketing and ...

On April 6th, Salesforce announced a list of new features and updates for the Marketing and Service Clouds. The focus of these features is to continue to provide technology that puts the customer at the centre of a business’s actions; they’ll allow for further humanisation of customer interactions. Some are available now, and others will be available later in 2022. We’ve broken them down for you, so you can understand what might be required of you as a Salesforce professional, or how your organisation can make the most of their platform. 

Marketing Cloud 

Customer Data Platform (CDP) 

The new marketing cloud features on CDP aim to help organisations learn more about their customers, so they can provide them with a more relevant and personalised experience: 

Streaming Insights and Data Actions 

New insights allow organisations to capture near-real-time data and trigger an automated workflow,               e.g. a new customer or product transaction. 

Advanced Identity Resolution 

Achieve better customer identification, as AI matches and merges incongruent customer data, e.g. duplicate fields or multiple spellings of names. Allows different departments across organisations to all sing from the same hymn sheet about their customers. 

Anonymous Profiles 

Allows marketers to connect customer profiles with their anonymous profile from before they were identified, creating richer pools of data, e.g. Connecting their actions on the website from before AND after they were known as a customer. 

Marketing Cloud Intelligence 

There are also innovations in Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly known as Datorama), a centralised marketing dashboard for analytics and insights: 

Intelligence Reports for Engagement 

There are new enhancements to these reports that allow for optimised evaluation of email performance - you can now evaluate performance by device, client OS and browser. There are also new optimised KPIs for conversions, clicks by link, bounce types, unsubscribes, complaints and click event lag.  


There are now new interactive visualisation tools for deep dive data analysis, to easily compare channels, campaigns, time series and more. 

These new features are immediately available. Other innovations include: 

Marketing Cloud Portfolio 

The language used has now changed to be more aligned with a Marketer’s everyday language. 

Service Cloud 

Service Cloud’s new features focus mainly on voice innovations, to encourage more personalised interactions with customers, and allow expanded data collection and advanced AI capabilities:  

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect 

Natively supported for customers using Service Cloud with Amazon Connect. These updates offer advanced conversational transcription, which allows real-time sentiment analysis, supervisor alerts (to deliver agent coaching) and full-text search on call transcripts. 

Partnering Google Cloud and Genesys 

New telephone connectors from Google Cloud and Genesys. Customers will have more choice in how they use Service Cloud Voice and automations they’d like to use for their teams. Organisations can integrate phone and customer data, automate call transcriptions and notes, and allow agents to receive real-time suggestions whilst on a call. 

Field Service 

Modern Mobile Platform 

The platform connects Salesforce field service workers to their headquarters at all times, even if they are offline. It also provides Service Technicians the opportunity to use augmented reality to help solve a customer’s issue. New features include: 

Multi-Level Offline Briefcase 

If a technician is providing an in-person service with the Salesforce Field Service App, they can use the multi-level offline briefcase to access all necessary information about the customer, even if they are offline. It also provides personalised work plans, flows, inventory information and knowledge articles. 

Visual Remote Assistant 

Customers can now schedule and initiate a 1:1 virtual support session with augmented reality from their phone. This allows the agent to interact with the screen to assist the customer in solving the problem independently. This feature is available now. 

All other innovations in the Service Cloud and Field Service will be available in the Summer 2022 release, except for the Google Cloud telephone connector, which will be available Fall 2022.  

Advancements in machine-learning and AI are pushing technology forward at a rapid pace, and allow companies to provide their customers with intelligent solutions to drive their business forward. Salesforce is no exception to this.  

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